12 Types of Tiles – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]

12 Types of Tiles - Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]


Types of Tiles – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]: – Individuals nowadays prefer to bring style, class, and incredible feel into their beautiful homes, including tiles.

In the hunt for a reasonable wall or flooring solution, tiles play an essential part! Tiles offer eminence, adequacy, durability, and numerous other benefits over other options.

While looking for style ideas you’ve likely gone over many instances of impressively tiled powder rooms, restrooms, or expert showers, and wondered why there are so many different tile looks and choices, and which tile is the best fit for your bath or bedroom.

Whether you are thinking about adding river rock tile to your shower, or another subway tile backsplash in your kitchen, the normal excellence of tile will enhance the stylish allure of your home, as well as prevent moisture and different substances from causing damage to your sub floor or walls.

Benefits of Tiles in Home and at the Workplace

1. Easy Cleaning

While tile made using normal stone does require standard resealing, generally, tile is one of the more straightforward to keep up with flooring options as well. You would never wet-mop your hardwood floor, or disinfect your carpet with bleach, yet with tile clean-up is a breeze! Regardless of whether your lounge area floor has been attacked by a group of toddlers eating (and wearing) spaghetti, cleaning tile floors includes simply clearing up the garbage, and cleaning off with warm, sudsy water.

Assuming that circumstances get really difficult, and your small baby just can’t come to the backyard in time, your tile floors can be cleaned and disinfected without getting ruined.

2. Design Versatility

Tile is accessible in many varieties, of colors, textures, sizes, and materials. From perfect lustrous whites to linen-textured sage green, mathematical and present-day to old world and rustic, tile is one of the more diverse enhancing elements accessible. Ideal for high-traffic regions, similar to the kitchen or living room, or moistness plagued areas like the washroom, tile for ground surface and walls are setting down deep roots.

You can install tile in any room of your home, from making an imaginative subway tile backdrop in the front passage to encompassing a lavish mirror with metallic-sheen ceramic back-splash tiles. The number of choices you have for utilizing the various kinds of tiles is limited exclusively by your innovative creative mind.

3. Simple to Repair and Maintain

By utilizing a top-notch grout and sealant keeping up with most types of tile requires little, if any effort. High-quality grout keeps water from draining underneath the tile and causing extensive damage. Whether you find a cracked shower tile or a wrapped back splash tile, you should simply replace the tile in only a couple of moments.

Simply make certain to keep an additional carton of a similar type of tile on hand to make the replacement process quick and fast. Sometimes home builders or re-modelers will save those additional cartons in the upper room for any kind of emergency.

Different Types of Tiles

1. Ceramic Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Closest to nature, and produced using clay, Ceramic tiles are among the star tiles because of their popularity and moderateness. They are quarried, ready, and formed according to your needs. These beauties can adapt to any stylistic theme and any style, and their vibe and versatility are genuinely captivating! Since it’s a contender for countless various applications, Ceramic tiles address a flexible and well-known decision for tile in home improvement projects.

Pros of Ceramic Tiles

  • They have a long & durable service life
  • They have larger adaptability
  • They have got scratch-free finishing
  • Ceramic tiles have a long-lasting shine, vibrant colors & flexible shapes & sizes

 Cons of Ceramic Tiles

  • They are not suitable for outdoors
  • Ceramic tiles are susceptible to lower temperatures
  • They Absorb a high amount of water due to clay-based nature

Types of Ceramic Tiles

1) Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Glazed Ceramic Tiles
Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Glazed tiles are covered with a protective coating after quarrying & preparation. This coating can be matte or glossy, depending on your choice. Matte coating is ideal for regular stone patterns and popular for various applications. 

2) Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

Unglazed Ceramic Tiles
Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

Unglazed tiles simply don’t have a coating or that glass-like surface covering. Such tiles accomplish their surface quality through incessant cleaning. All around, they are slip-resistant tiles; renowned for their natural stone-like look.

2. Vitrified Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles with exceptionally low porosity and incredible water and frost-resistant characteristics. Silica, earth, quartz, and feldspar are the principal fixings used to make vitrified tiles.

Pros of Vitrified Tiles

  • Vitrified tiles have consistency in grain, texture, and design.
  • They have an easy installation procedure
  • They are impervious against stains and scratches.
  • They are really strong.
  • Vitrified tiles are simple to maintain

Cons of Vitrified Tiles

  • Vitrified has a Slippery surface
  • They have no environmentally-friendly choice
  • Vitrified tiles installation is costly
  • Repairs are not possible

Types of Vitrified Tiles

1) Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

Double Charged Vitrified Tiles
Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

This tile is one of the better options that are regularly utilized for both private and business applications is double charged vitrified tiles.

2) Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Glazed Vitrified Tiles
Glazed Vitrified Tiles

GVTs, or glazed vitrified tiles, are produced on a coated or covered surface and printed in a digital manner. Here, one can make various patterns and styles on the tile, including pantomimes of materials like wood, bamboo, marble, and some more.

3) Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Full Body Vitrified Tiles
Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Full body vitrified tiles have a consistent or predictable color that extends across their thickness. Since it is scratch-free, full-body vitrified tile is utilized in high-traffic regions.

3. Porcelain Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Porcelain is a better representation of ceramic tile. Made of a higher extent of silica and quartz, and baked or fired at a higher temperature, porcelain tiles are more durable than their red clay ceramic accomplices. A wide assortment of colors and patterns make porcelain tile a chameleon of sorts. Coated, carved, and textured, porcelain tiles can look like hardwood boards, costly marble, or industrial blocks.

Pros of Porcelain Tiles

  • They have High resistance to Wear & Scratch
  • They need Need Less maintenance
  • They are appropriate for high-traffic regions
  • They Improve dampness obstruction
  • Porcelain tiles are easy to Clean
  • They provide slate-like effects

Cons of Porcelain Tiles

  • Porcelain Tiles are difficult to cut or shape
  • They have a Significant cost
  • They are weighty, fragile, and slippery
  • Porcelain tiles installation is quite tough

Types of Porcelain Tiles

1) Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are fired and drawn from the furnace they seek exceptional treatment of glazed or glossy covering. After the coating or covering, the tiles become more grounded and invulnerable.

2) Matte or Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles
Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

These are porcelain tiles in their raw form. Unglazed porcelain tiles are made in the regular structure after baking and firing in the furnace.

3) Polished Porcelain Tiles

Polished Porcelain Tiles
Polished Porcelain Tiles

The Polished Porcelain tiles are obtained when porcelain tiles are polished or cleaned after heat treatment from the furnace. Polished porcelain tiles are very different in nature and structure from glazed vitrified tiles as the cycle for produce is different in both tiles.

4) Double Charged Porcelain Tiles

Double Charged Porcelain Tiles
Double Charged Porcelain Tiles

These Porcelain tiles could be polished or cleaned, semi-polished, coated, or of a matte completion. The manufacturing incorporates the blend of various clay to make unprecedented texture in the Porcelain tiles.

5) Full Body Porcelain Tiles

Full Body Porcelain Tiles
Full Body Porcelain Tiles

The full-body porcelain tiles have shades, shapes, and textures generally through the tile. There won’t be any concerns of scratches, as the tiles are homogeneous all through.

6) Digital Porcelain Tiles

Digital Porcelain Tiles
Digital Porcelain Tiles

Digital Porcelain tiles are the overwhelmingly utilized vitrified tiles. These tiles are made utilizing advanced printing innovation and development. They are single-layered tiles passed through pressure-driven treatment to achieve robustness.

4. Stone Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Normal stone tiles have been used for inside plan purposes for a long time and used to be the material of choice for palaces, towers, and other old designs. These tiles stay notable today due to their capacity to persevere mileage while holding their style. Regular stone can be found in various families across the world and offers a specific vibe, as each tile is novel, and can be feasible.

Pros of Stone Tiles

  • Brilliant warming
  • Stone tiles have a unique feature
  • They don’t hold dirt and are hygienic
  • They have got low support

Cons of Stone Tiles

  • Stone tiles Varied porosities
  • They have a higher price as compared to some other tiles
  • They are more fragile and prone to chipping
  • Stone tiles can get easily scratched

Types of Stone Tiles

1) Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles
Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are one among the natural stone tiles and are accessible in an extent of varieties, inferable from the variable part materials eliminated. Marble tiles are moreover available in an extent of completions, making them ideal for any room.

2) Granite Tiles

Granite Tiles
Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are produced utilizing hard, thick volcanic stone, granite tiles have a remarkable look owing to the standard veining and specking of minerals in such shakes. Granite tiles are available in an extent of assortments and are as connected with excess as marble.

3) Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Tiles
Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone including quartz and sand. Sandstone is remarkably gorgeous, adding vibes and energies to your outdoors regions, and is especially typical in walkways, patios, and pool natural factors.

4) Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tiles
Travertine Tiles

Made using a sort of limestone typically found around regular springs and caves, Travertine tiles, like other limestone items, show up in various assortments and components on an emptied, harsh surface.

5) Limestone Tiles

Limestone Tiles
Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a phenomenal material that can be used for the embellishment of any space. The limestone rocks have superb surfaces as they are normally sedimentary rocks.

5. Glass Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Glass tiles are small, flat tiles that are utilized to line or cover surfaces. Glass tiles can be combined with different materials like stainless steel and are accessible in many structures, transparency, and colors. They can be applied to upgrade the strength or water resistance of a surface or to enhance it.

Pros of Glass Tiles

  • Glass tiles are Beautiful & have endless color varieties
  • They Bring the appearance of brightness & largeness.
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are Impervious to water
  • Glass tiles are recyclable & eco-friendly

Cons of Glass Tiles

  • Glass tiles are more costly
  • Glass tiles installation is costly & tough

Types of Glass Tiles

1) Fused Tile

Fused Tile
Fused Tile

In the fused technique, flat glass is cut into tile shapes and goes through firing into the furnace. Fused glass tiles are a large part of the time clear tiles, with a layer of dim assortment recognizable through the tile.

2) Cast Tile

Cast Tile
Cast Tile

Cast tile is made by implanting pieces of glass into a form. The tile mold is warmed until the pieces mellow into each other and become a lucid mass; giving you a layered look.

3) Coated Glass Tiles

Coated Glass Tiles
Coated Glass Tiles

Coated glass tiles are produced utilizing sheet glass with adjusting characteristics because of low-temperature heating. These tiles will have different coatings applied to the rear of the transplant glass, which highlight or feature the shades of the back coating.

6. Vinyl Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Vinyl tiles are incredibly solid. Whenever presented and kept up precisely, it can get through upwards for more than two decades. In light of everything, vinyl is a phenomenal choice for the rooms in your home that get the vast majority walking around.

Pros of Vinyl Tiles

  • Vinyl tiles are water-safe and exceptionally low upkeep.
  • They are the reasonable and simple establishment’s.

Cons of Vinyl Tiles

  • Vinyl Tiles Can’t be restored.

Types of Vinyl Tiles

1) Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Luxury Vinyl Tiles

A Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is inherent basically likewise as LVP, yet it is designed to copy stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile. Like LVP, LVT besides has a thick vinyl layer that makes it more solid and more unbending than sheet vinyl with an orchestrating layer that has standard stone plans and surfaces to give stunning sensible visuals.

2) Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP)

Luxury Vinyl Planks
Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl sheets (LVP) are long, close sheets of vinyl expected to imitate the most well-known wood flooring styles. These planks are thicker and more unyielding than sheet vinyl, which helps make them more solid and scratch-free.

3) Vinyl Sheet

Sheet vinyl has been a notable ground surface choice for quite a while considering its waterproof properties, and how it is monetarily cordial. Dissimilar to sheet vinyl of the past, present-day development has allowed sheet vinyl to make phenomenal strides concerning classy charm.

4) SPC Vinyl Tiles

SPC Vinyl Tiles
SPC Vinyl Tiles

Stone plastic composite, solid polymer place, or SPC flooring, is a vinyl flooring material that has a firm community created utilizing powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers.

7. Mosaic Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Mosaic tile is a mix of tile sizes, varieties, shapes, or possibly materials, set in a sheet for the straightforward foundation. They can be ceramic, porcelain, glass, normal stone, metal, or mirror, put randomly or in a model, and regularly on a cross-section mounted sheet.

Pros of Mosaic Tiles

  • Mosaic tiles are aesthetically Vibrant
  • They have got  high strength & easy maintenance
  • They offer uniqueness.
  • They are simple to Clean.

Cons of Mosaic Tiles

  • Mosaic tiles have a significant price
  • They have a bit cumbersome installation

Types of Mosaic Tiles

1) Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tiles
Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaics can come in direct, dark, and reflected tile pieces. Reflected tile mosaics have a shimmery effect that rapidly vitalizes a space and makes it feel outstanding.

2) Stone Mosaic Tile

Stone Mosaic Tile
Stone Mosaic Tile

At the point when individuals think of mosaics, they as often as possible picture those exquisite, exemplary floors with minute implanted stone fragments that, when finished, produce gigantic images. The facts confirm that little stone mosaics actually have a lovely elegance and great appeal, and you might find superb mosaic flower designs and vibrant geometrical designs made in stone mosaics these days.

3) Metal Mosaic Tiles

Metal Mosaic Tiles
Metal Mosaic Tiles

Metal mosaics convey an unprecedented and outstanding touch to where they are set thanks to their fascinating designs. The wide collection of surfaces and supplements make them the best parts for a room, whether in our own home or office.

4) Ceramic & Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Ceramic Mosaic Tiles
Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Working with ceramic tiles may be an interesting experience. To accomplish this completion, Glazed Ceramic Tile is warmed in a furnace at very high temperatures. During this process, they are covered with glass-shaping minerals that produce an additional layer over the ceramic body.

8. Wooden Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Wooden tile is an exquisite decision that gives you hardwood looks with many additional benefits. Lately, homeowners have begun to lean toward it to an ever-increasing extent.

Pros of Wooden Tiles

  • Wooden Tiles are Durable.
  • Wooden tiles are simple to maintain and clean.
  • They are less harmful to the environment
  • Wooden tiles are budget-friendly.

Cons of Wooden Tiles

  • Wooden Tiles are tougher and colder than usual.
  • They are Polished tiles that are slick to walk on when wet.
  •  They are a bit tough to install.

Types of Wooden Tiles

1) Solid Wood Tiles

Solid Wood Tiles
Solid Wood Tiles

Solid wooden tiles are generally fitted utilizing tongue-and-section. An extensive range of wood has a hardness score, which demonstrates the way that how successful they can be harmed, engraved, or worn by customary mileage.

2) Parquet Tiles

Parquet Tiles
Parquet Tiles

Truly unquestionable, that parquet flooring is framed or outlined of short wooden blocks or strips composed into a mathematical model; regularly herringbone or bin weave.

3) Bamboo Tiles

As a matter of fact grass as opposed to wood, bamboo frames its own exceptional grain design and can be worked into extremely hard-wearing flooring sections that look and feel basically equivalent to customary hardwood.

4) Cork Tiles

Cork Tiles
Cork Tiles

The bark normally parts irregularly and can be securely collected without harming the trees. The bark regrows and the cycle advances forward for a really long time.

9. Carpet Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Carpet tiling is a straightforward technique for adding warmth, surface, and tone to any business or living space. How you choose to present the floor covering is dependent upon your space, spending plan, and style. The most regular methodology for fitting carpet is called ‘broadloom covering.

Pros of Carpet Tiles

  • Carpet files are simple to install.
  • They have got good Adaptability
  • Carpet files are financially savvy
  • They have low Maintenance.
  • Carpet files are reusable and sustainable

Cons of Carpet Tiles

  • Carpet tiles have a non-uniform appearance
  • Fraying of loose fiber can occur in carpet files

Types of Carpet Tiles

1) Wool Carpet Tiles

Wool Carpet Tiles
Wool Carpet Tiles

Wool, generally, a more costly decision, is a characteristic fiber known for major areas of strength for being and is significantly stain safe. Wool, sensitive and thick, gives a very much pleasing feel, yet in like manner stays aware of flawless underlying trustworthiness.

2) Polyester Carpet


Polyester, another manufactured material, is generally called a more affordable choice. Some degree flexible fiber with a long history of being used in cover fabricating, polyester is overall seen as a lower-quality choice, contrasted with nylon.

10. Terracotta Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Terracotta Tiles
Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have a stunning as well as a shocking tone that is warm and natural because of the reddish-brown clay that was utilized in its creation. The tiles might have a matte or shiny covering on them or may be left unpainted.

Pros of Terracotta Tiles

  • Terracotta Tiles are Strong and enduring
  • They are naturally resistant to germs and mold.
  • Both indoor and outdoor use of Terracotta tile is good
  • These tiles give your property a rustic and earthy appearance.

 Cons of Terracotta Tiles

  • Its hue could differ a little bit.
  • They are extremely porous and quick to absorb fluids
  • Terracotta tiles need some more upkeep
  • They are very susceptible to stains and damage

11. Cement Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Cement Tiles
Cement Tiles

Although penetrable until treated and inclined to greenery and different growths, it is solid and endures the components effectively. Despite the fact that cement tiles are very challenging to install, they might be repaired as opposed to supplanted assuming they are damaged, not normal for porcelain and ceramic tiles.

They are accessible in a surprisingly wide assortment of shades and designs, and since they disintegrate with time, they in some cases show up far superior years after installation than they did at the time of installation.

Pros of Cement Tiles

  • Cement files have a wide variety of patterns.
  • They are extremely durable.
  • Cement files are environmentally friendly.

Cons of Cement Tiles

  • Proper installation is needed for cement files
  • Cement files are a bit more costly than ceramic tiles

12. Quarry Tiles: ( Types of Tiles )

Quarry Tiles
Quarry Tiles

Quarry Tiles are really produced using materials like clay, shale, and feldspar that are ground together and formed into tiles. These minerals together achieve a harder deck tile with low porosity that can be used both inside and outside.

Pros of Quarry Tile

  • Quarry Tiles require no coating on the top layer
  • They are truly solid.
  • Quarry tiles are extremely thick and won’t chip or break
  • They are ideal for heavy traffic areas

 Cons of Quarry Tile

  • Quarry Tiles are famous for being stained.
  • They are a little difficult for Installation


Whether you add a trendy ceramic back splash tile or installed rugged granite washroom floor tile, having this information in your back pocket about the kinds of tile and the best purpose for tile will give you a hand in creating your own ideal interior. Different types of Tiles will give a different look to the interior as well as the exterior of our home and it’s on you to choose which is the best tile that will fit your home and gives a beautiful and unique look to your home.

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