20 Types of Car Brands and Their Logo – [With Pictures & Names]

20 Types of Car Brands and Their Logo - [With Pictures & Names]
Car Brands


20 Types of Car Brands and Their Logo – [With Pictures & Names]: – The race of being on top has forever been somewhat more competitive with regard to car brands, when the sales of one brand lock in, the other auto brand thinks of a new strategy to beat the numbers of the previous one. As of late, where technology has been one significant part of picking a specific car brand. The car brands which focused on electric car innovation seemed to retain huge growth and development.

With regards to picking a car brand, the basic mindset of an individual is that of having a reliable car with modern electric car features. These car brands are worried about selling cars as well as providing an end-to-end customer experience that covers everything from sales to services.

Types of Car Brands

The top car companies, or car makers, are essential for one of the world’s most significant sectors on the off chance that we see the revenues generated by them. These top car brands incorporate and as well as include many companies that are involved and engaged in the design, advancement, assembling, manufacturing, publicizing, and selling of cars.

  1. Chevrolet
  2. Nissan
  3. Honda
  4. Ford
  5. Fiat
  6. Volkswagen
  7. Toyota
  8. Jeep
  9. Volvo
  10. Audi
  11. Land Rover
  12. Jaguar
  13. Lexus
  14. Porsche
  15. Bugatti
  16. Bentley
  17. Rolls Royce
  18. BMW
  19. Tesla
  20. Mercedes- Benz

1. Chevrolet: ( Types of Car Brands )

This car has ranked in the best 3 when it came to reliability and durability at a global level. The Chevrolet brand prioritize and focuses on innovation and build quality, Chevrolet cars are totally reliable.This brand is sold in excess of 100 nations and has maintained a decent car brand value in and all over the world. It has additionally acquired the title of the ‘most dependable and trustworthy small cars, Mid-sized sports cars, Large SUVs, and a lot more in the count. Its popularity most depends upon its worth, durability, performance, and execution.

2. Nissan: ( Types of Car Brands )

Nissan has been a highly competitive brand globally and marked its presence with great generosity. It has been consistent as far as the ranking and positioning of being the most reliable car brand and have enjoyed the fact that this Japanese automobile company is digging in for the long haul and making innovations worth seeing. The company additionally gives special focus on delivering zero emission vehicles, like electric cars and fuel-cell vehicles.

Nissan is likewise known for its operations through forming key alliances. While being fuel-efficient and with incredible freight space, this car brand has been a choice of customers since the day it set off its imprint as an automobile company.

3. Honda: ( Types of Car Brands )

This is viewed as the most reliable brand in between the clients. An automobile company that is well-versed in its prices. This car brand has been consistent and steady with regard to its durability and always ranked as the most reliable car brand which are technologically equipped. While some other cars may start showing indications of ageing, Honda cars have been known to have an incredible build quality and reliable driving dynamics and features for a really long time without fail. With minimal cost repairs and fewer repair statements with this car. Honda is a car brand that focuses on a long life span over anything.

4. Ford: ( Types of Car Brands )

Ford is one of the largest producers of cars and trucks in the world, with a strong and solid product line, which includes and incorporates a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. Renowned for its rigorous client service, Ford has been a constant choice for purchasers with magnificent worth and up-to-date technology, and advanced features. Over the century this car brand has presented a lot of enlightening innovations to the world which has still not halted, each new model or feature introduced by the automobile company is distinct and also different from the previous one.

5. Fiat: ( Types of Car Brands )

With a retro look, this car brand has laid out a huge name for itself. An Italian car brand, which is known to be the world’s oldest automobile brand, that specializes in making small cars with alluring outlooks and exemplary looks. Fiat has been steady and consistent with its wonderful exterior design and impressing its customers with an exclusive rich look.

It boasts a sleek, recognizable design, and is among the primary actual cars made for city use. It quickly became well known on the grounds that it was small, agile, easy to park, and fuel-efficient. However, it is costly it is perhaps one of the most esteemed cars in and all over the globe with a high rate of reselling value.

6. Volkswagen: ( Types of Car Brands )

This car brand is mindful enough with it comes to specifying their model, each model is well-detailed with the best technological features as well well-equipped model design. Volkswagen cars are known to be classy, downplayed, and exquisite looking. customers find this car brand as the most stylish and comfortable among the other car brands as far as its design and affordability with a favorable service cost.

This brand stands firm on an unprecedented footing in the automobile industry possessing a large variety of different brands or either partnering with them. The organization hopes to hold the most elevated fulfillment level of the clients by equipping exact feedback and resolution to the client’s necessities.

7. Toyota: ( Types of Car Brands )

This car brand has really worked hard to providing its clients most extreme flawlessness and comfort. Toyota cars have gained popularity for their reliability, durability, and quality. They are known for their excellent safety and security features and luxurious interiors. Passenger safety has forever been one of utmost importance for this automobile company. They have a different setup with a product to suit any need and a long-standing history of practicality and ease of use. It additionally centered around creative innovation in regard to the climate. With each car of Toyota, there is a responsibility of giving the best quality car to the client.

8. Jeep: ( Types of Car Brands )

This car brand is about going romping starting from the first day it got established as an automobile company. The only brand which sells the most amount of exclusive Suvs. The genuine capability of a Jeep car is its capability to handle any kind of terrain without disturbing its occupants. Its models offer turbo diesel, which makes it a beast that is relentless with regards to going off-roading.

This car brand is built by the American bantam car company, the automobile has its way back since even the times of The Second World War. Jeep provides a spacious model, this car brand is likewise eminent for its exclusive exterior designs.

9. Volvo: ( Types of Car Brands )

In the event that Volvo is known for one thing, it is undoubtedly safety. For the majority of its customers, Volvo is the brand they turn up to when they are searching for the highest level of security features among the other varied car brands. It is a choice that was embraced by its passengers. With heated seats, staggering interiors, and top-notch sound systems, this car brand is a pack of an entirely different traveling experience for its passengers.

Volvo is astoundingly focused around mishap prevention through its features and handling. It gives quality with extravagance to its customers with its varied range of models which are among the top in the charts.

10. Audi: ( Types of Car Brands )

Audi makes the best cars while being the most prominent car brand for designing the best interiors of cars, with easy and accessible controls. Within the car, the brand will in general keep things simple and stylish, yet the substance is delivered too as industry-leading technology. This automobile company has forever been innovative with its technological progressions demonstrating with its MMI infotainment system is among the best that anyone could hope to find among different brands.

This car brand has the biggest vehicle lineups from being super-mini scale to being supra colossal with the most ideal that anyone could hope to find diesel and hybrid engines making it prominent for road-racing.

11. Land Rover: ( Types of Car Brands )

While being a top-notch brand, it is likewise a SUV-specific model. A Land Rover is designed to engage the buyer’s eyes, yet additionally is outfitted with enviable features that make driving a wholesome encounter. Any place you would go for going off-roading, you will have thought about a Land Rover, presumably that this car brand is an unquestionable requirement for the off-roader.

The Land Rover is tried and tested for its durability, considerably under tough conditions. They are designed and intended to deal with extreme conditions. It prominently and notably has colossal traveler space while providing a safe and secure journey to its travelers.

12. Jaguar: ( Types of Car Brands )

This car brand has its own variability and a degree of classiness that cannot be compared with other automobile companies. Jaguar utilizes unquestionably the best quality materials to produce their cars with uncompromising style and extravagance. While taking care of the safety and security measures of the travelers with taking due care of providing a technology well researched and tested, this car brand has sparkled out in and all over the world with an elevated degree of resale value. Jaguar is as of now focusing on continued innovation in order to support future growth in the present evolving business sector.

13. Lexus: ( Types of Car Brands )

Lexus has forever been a prominent car brand that has fairly served its need with good quality, speed as well as comfort. Lexus demonstrates that technologically-advanced luxury cars can likewise be very reliable. This car brand is effectively-known for its high resale value. Numerous customers have claimed and asserted that Lexus makes eco-friendly cars that are reliable and long-lasting.

The insides parts of this car brand are generally well finished, the engines are smooth and powerful, and hybrid models are fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the vehicles manufactured are fuel-efficient and eco-friendly making them considerably reliable for their purchasers.

14. Porsche: ( Types of Car Brands )

This Germany-based automobile company, they have made cars that would give a set-class experience of an SUV likewise giving the touch insight of being a sports car. Porsche makes cars that are designed and intended to provide you with the best insight of going fast while as yet being practical. With the exceptional overall design of the car model, this car brand had embarked on a rough yet smooth race track driving experience. It is one of the most compact luxury car manufacturing automobile companies.

15. Bugatti: ( Types of Car Brands )

Bugatti is a French luxury and extravagance car manufacturer producing a portion of the world’s most elite and costly cars for a long period. The company’s cars are famous for their high-quality construction, premium materials, powerful engines, and unmatched performance and execution. Bugatti has marked its approach to being under the top car brands in and around the globe with world-class status.

This automobile company has made the best and the most innovative sports car which was at any point presented in the techno-waved world. With a speed wide tried and tested by its travelers, this car has been outfitted with well-established safety kits.

16. Bentley: ( Types of Car Brands )

At the point when you see the popular Bentley logo, you realize you are getting much in excess of a car. The thought behind Bentley is that luxury and execution are complimentary, not beyond reconciliation contrary energies. Besides the fact that Bentley is fully impressive with its noteworthy features and performance features on track vehicles, there is additionally a dazzling and luxurious hand-tailored interior on every road car.

You are getting a whole way of life Bentley as a car brand has its compelling features with top-of-the-line speed and strong power, while providing a rush look to the outer and inner structure of the relative multitude of vehicles, this car brand has manufactured till date. The Bentley brand implies prestige and eminence, whether you are on the workplace, in the golf course, or in the pool, the Bentley brand will set you apart and let others know that you are of a different variety.

17. Rolls Royce: ( Types of Car Brands )

Rolls Royce addresses, as it generally has, the exceptionally most significant levels of craftsmanship, innovation, extravagance, and creativity. At the point when we talk about luxury or extravagance with flawless grace, Rolls Royce would continuously come to our mind, it has forever been the significant choice for top-notch individuals to purchase from this automobile industry and experience the taste of world-class traveling. While different brands are focused on innovation, this car brand focuses on innovative measures to mix both traditional and technological aspects to keep the model simple yet tasteful.

This brand takes special care to provide the most extreme comfort to its driver and its traveler. This automobile company uses pure material to bring the realness in the car making it much more unique and not by any stretch fake.

18. BMW: ( Types of Car Brands )

BMW has consistently set its mark as the most reliable car brand in the entire automobile industry. BMW is known for creating cars that are designed beautifully, and don’t lack with regards to its quality. The interior of this car brand is of high quality as the exterior, with comfortable top-of-the-line leather seats. The tech is top-notch as well. With an extensive variety of innovative vehicle models, this car brand has forever been known for its reliability and extravagance status.

This car company has consistently served its clients with luxurious piloting and directing on the roads, while making sure that comfort has been served, from its passenger vehicles to its SUV, it would continuously be an incredible ride.

19. Tesla: ( Types of Car Brands )

Tesla, the revolutionary and progressive battery company, is most popular for its electric cars. The company is likewise prominently known for its specialization in state-of-the-art solar panel innovation and Lithium-ion battery technology. Tesla needn’t an introduction and there’s nothing traditional about this robust and vigorous car brand representing things to come in the future. Tesla’s growth and advancement in top-of-the-line vehicles combined with its unique consumer experience are unfathomable.

20. Mercedes- Benz: ( Types of Car Brands )

Mercedes-Benz has been around for quite a long time and doing ponders with technology and its tremendous output among the extensive range of different car companies. This car brand reliably set the bar high and give tough competition for automobile compensates, by reliably and consistently being on the top with its car sales and manufacturers. It has forever been said and proven to purchase this car brand that they have a history marked by making an effective history.

This automobile company has consistently paved the way with regards to satisfying and fulfilling its clients without compromising its performance and by bringing different eco-friendly cars. Each brand has its own specialty which has been seen and recognized on a worldwide level.


Every car mentioned above is a masterpiece. It is fascinating to see that  car manufacturers these days are more focused on building a car technology that would beat the other car companies. Every one of the car brands mentioned above has manufactured cars that are eco-friendly, subsequently, as we are moving towards a superior future we are getting the best we deserve. It’s likewise inspiring to know that despite the premium nature of some of these car brands, they really do produce cars that could be viewed as actually affordable, in any event, while calculating the expense of insurance or perhaps a car accident lawyer throughout your lifetime.

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