Top 9 Types of Cars with Pictures & Names [Complete Details]

Top 9 Types of Cars with Pictures & Names [Complete Details]


Top 9 Types of Cars with Pictures & Names [Complete Details] :- There are various important factors which need to be considered while buying any type of car. The dependence is on the type of car which is being selected. The type of car can be selected depending upon your usage. Types of cars is a very wide topic, therefore this handy guide will include almost every critical information which needs to be kept in mind before selecting the type of car.

Different Types of Cars

Here are some of the commonly known cars mentioned below:

  1. Hatchback
  2. Sedan
  3. MUV/SUV
  4. Coupe
  5. Convertible
  6. Wagon
  7. Van
  8. Pick up vehicle
  9. Jeep

1. Hatchback Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Hatchback Car ( Types of Cars )
Hatchback Car

Hatchback cars are the synonym name for the small cars which are accompanied with the 4 Car doors along with the boot door which is present at the back side of the vehicle. All such vehicles which fulfil these requirements are termed under the category of hatchback car type.

Most commonly these are referred to as those types which are designed by the engineers to give them a comfortable seating for a minimum 4 passengers and taking it to a maximum of 5 passengers. Along with the proper seating there is a small boot space which is designed especially for putting the luggage in the vehicle.

There is no specific size of the hatchback, it can vary depending upon the design. Hatchbacks are also further classified as compact hatchback which are currently 29 types of cars which come under the category of hatchback and compact hatchback.

It is very commonly found that the design of the interior along with luggage space is more or less the same although, it is just some features which vary depending upon company to company. There are various types of changes which the designers as well as the manufacturers keep on changing constantly in order to boost the sales of that particular car. These implementations can like broadening the interior space, ground clearance factor, boot space, mileage etc. If you want to know some examples of a hatchback car type then these are here:

  1. Maruti Suzuki 800
  2. Alto
  3. Hyundai i10
  4. i20
  5. Fiat Grande Punto
  6. Tata Indica
  7. Indica Vista
  8. Tata Nano

These are some of the best examples of hatchbacks as well as mini hatchbacks car types. The amount of weight which a hatchback car is found to carry is maximum 300 kgs.

2. Sedan Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Sedan Car ( Types of Cars )
Sedan Car

Sedans car type are referred to as those vehicles which are found having a better seating capacity as well as plenty amount of space. The vehicles are more in dimensions as compared to the hatchback vehicles. These vehicles are also meant for the comfortable seating of 5 passengers, along with a greater boot space or the trunk size for carrying large amount of luggage. The carrying capacity of the sedan car type is twice that of a hatchback car, i.e. 600 kgs is its maximum carrying capacity.  

In the sedan category for the car types, there are quite wide varieties of options which are found being available that can depend upon the dimensions as well as the features. Sedan car types are usually found to be stronger as well as better in terms of performance. At the same time it is important to know that these larger vehicles are demanded higher tax rates along with its overall cost. Some commonly known sedan car types are as follows:

  1. Indigo Manza,
  2. Swift Dzire,
  3. Mahindra Verito,
  4. Ford Fiesta,
  5. Hyundai Verna,
  6. Renault Scala,
  7. Honda Amaze, City, Civic, Accord,
  8. Chevrolet Sail, Cruze,
  9. Skoda Rapid, Laura,
  10. Volkswagen Jetta, Passat

3. MUV/SUV Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

SUV Car ( Types of Cars )

MUV or SUV is one of the most common type of car type which is found running on the roads in today’s life. It is also important to know what MUV and SUV stands for. MUV is referred to as multi utility vehicle and SUV is referred to as a sport utility vehicle. Both these categories are discussed here together whereas both these are different in terms of the design as well as features. MUV vehicles are the ones which are usually designed in order to create utility. Coming to the seating of MUV car boy type then they seem to be quite flexible seating options which range from 7, 8, 9 and 10 passengers per car. The car of such type of car types is found being built at the frame of the chassis which is responsible for carrying the entire load of the car type along with the passengers and luggage. Here are some of the example for MUV car types, Mahindra Bolero or a Tata Sumo, Force Motors Trax.

SUV Car Type

SUV vehicles are referred to as those car types which are designed to be used in almost all road conditions that can range from highways to off roading. This type of carsare the ones which are found having some important factors like the advanced engine type, gear structure, differential system, 4WD option, interior space etc. SUV’s are found having these types of features which makes it well suited for the purposes like long drives as well as have good suspensions quality. Most commonly these are the car types which are found having the maximum carrying capacity of around 1200 kgs. The best part about the SUV car type is its importance which is in its fit as well as finish for both interior as well as exterior including the drive quality too.

Some best examples of a SUV car type are as follows:

  1. Toyota Innova
  2. Mahindra Scorpio
  3. XUV 500
  4. Tata Safari Storme
  5. Skoda Yeti.
  6.  Toyota Fortuner,
  7. BMW X1
  8. Audi Q

BMW and Audi Q are one amongst the luxurious types which are found having very high price range.

4. Coupe Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Coupe Car
Coupe Car

Coupe is referred to as a classified version of sedan cars, but it is important to note that these are the cars with only two Car doors.  There is no significance of giving two doors technically, although these are just done to give it a stylish and luxurious look.

Coupe design was initially used mostly in the European countries. Coupe cars are one of the best performing vehicles which are found being capable of going to the triple digit speed in few seconds. Coupes are most commonly found to be the generally preferred OEMs which need to be developed as the high-performing line vehicle.

The maximum carrying capacity of coupe car type is around 500-600 kilograms.

Here are some examples of Coupe car types

  1. Aston Martin
  2. V8 Vantage Coupe
  3. Audi RS 5 Coupe.

5. Convertible Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Convertible Car
Convertible Car

Convertible cars are referred to as those cars whose roof line can be removed or can be refitted depending upon the requirement. Most commonly these are the types of carswhich operate through a button which does not seem to be that good enough for the purpose of either folding or in order to put the roof linings back.

Convertibles car types are the ones which are found being more frequently used in the cold countries wherein the weather temperature is found to be quite low and thus the roads are found being quite less dusty. These types of carsare designed with quite less ground space which are not suitable for hilly areas as it might lead to damaging the mechanical portion of the car and thus resulting to breakdown. These types of car styles are never performance oriented these are just designed for the ones which have a passion for driving the stylish cars and are indulged into feeling the atmosphere change while driving the vehicle.

There are numerous convertible cars which are found being available in India as well and till date are found being one of the highly demanded vehicle for the customers who are purposely looking in to modify their cars to give it a stylish look. Although the fact remains the same that the road conditions of India does not support such type of car, as they are too fragile to run on such road conditions which can break it down at any point of time.

Here are some of the examples for the convertible cars which are as follows:

  1. Mercedes SL Class
  2. Mini Cooper Convertible
  3. Porsche 718 Boxster
  4. BMW Z4

6. Wagon Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Wagon Car
Wagon Car

Wagon is referred to as that type of vehicle which is found having very good combination of hatchback as well as sedan in various terms. These are the models which are found having an advantage of having very large space in its second row. This space can be utilized for either keeping the luggage or for the purpose of putting any additional seats as per the requirement. Talking about the dimensions, then it must be said that these are designed in a very larger design to make it more spacious as compared to the hatchback as well as sedan car types.

The maximum carrying capacity of wagon car type depends on the type of vehicle which you use. Although the range is found being variable from 350-650 kgs. Here are some of the examples for Wagon car type:

  1. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
  2. Mahindra Quanto
  3. Tata Indigo Marina
  4. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
  5. Nissan Evalia

7. VAN Car Type: ( Types of Cars )


Van is the name of the car type which is found to have most popularity as compared to any other car type. The main perspective of this type of car type is to give a required flexibility in terms of utilizing the interior space completely. Although this vehicle does not seem to be very giant or full of free space, still the carrying capacity of a van is around 700 kilograms. Therefore, this car type is found to be quite resurgent in today’s life especially for the ones who have a loading an unloading business.

These types of car types are found having the options of varying number of seats for the passengers to sit comfortably. Not only the comfortable seating is the point, but the boot space of such car types also seems to be very large. There are vehicles which are being used purely for the commercial purpose and the other one completely for the passenger purpose. So the best example for commercial usage car type can be Tata Ace, Tata Venture etc. and Maruti Suzuki Omni and Eeco for the passenger purpose.

8. Pick Up Vehicle Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Pick Up Vehicle Car
Pick Up Vehicle Car

Pick up vehicle is referred to as that car type which is found having a complete separate space for the purpose of setting the luggage. One of the best example of a pick-up vehicle is a Tata Xenon XT. It is found having the combination of a design similar to a MUV and the luggage space similar to a commercial pick up vehicle or may be even more than that. The dimensions of this type of car type is observed to be quiet larger along with the car which seems to be built at the frame of the chassis in order to carry the required load which needs to be considerably very large. The maximum capacity of carrying the load for such type of car type is around 800 to 900 Kg.

9. Jeep Car Type: ( Types of Cars )

Jeep Car
Jeep Car

Jeep is referred to as a car types which is found having a particular type of vehicle that seems to be quite similar to the pick-up car type. One such car types which is commonly known is the Mahindra Thar which is high in scenario due to its built quality and carrying capacity. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and Mahindra Jeep are some other examples of the similar type car.

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