20 Parts of Car Interior – [with Pictures & Names]

20 Parts of Car Interior - [with Pictures & Names]
Parts of Car Interior


An automobile is a four-wheeled vehicle that is used for transportation or travel. To put it another way, an automobile is a vehicle that primarily travels on roadways, seats one to eight people, has four wheels, and primarily transports people rather than goods. Vehicles have become more advanced, safer, and easier to operate as more features and controls have been added. ( Types of Cars )

We’ll go through numerous new features in this section, including rear-view cameras, air conditioning, navigation systems, entertainment system, ventilation controls, automatic mirrors, and more. So, let’s take a look at the interior components of an automobile one by one.

 Types of Car Interior Parts

  • Steering wheel
  • Speedometer or Fuel Gauge
  • Air Ventilation
  • Turning indicator signals
  • Rear view mirror
  • Side mirror
  • Vehicle audio
  • Glove or storage compartment
  • Airbags
  • Accelerator
  • Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • Power window & Door lock controls
  • Hazard light button
  • Gear knob
  • AC controls
  • Cup or beverage holder
  • Emergency brake knob or button
  • Seats & Seat Belt
  • Floor Matting

1. Steering Wheel: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

On the surface, steering wheels appear simple, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. The primary function of a steering wheel and the system to which it is connected is to control the direction of a vehicle. It turns the driver’s rotating commands into swiveling movements of the vehicle’s front wheels. The steering system transfers the driver’s movement through various joints and hydraulic lines before reaching the rubber as it touches the road.

2. Speedometer or Fuel Gauge: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Speedometer or Fuel Gauge
Speedometer or Fuel Gauge

A speedometer is a device that calculates and shows a vehicle’s speed. A fuel gauge is a gadget that shows how much fuel is left in a tank. They are ideal for automobiles and were first made available as standard equipment at the turn of the twentieth century.

3. Air Ventilation: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Air Ventilation
Air Ventilation

The majority of vehicles now have air conditioning. It’s also referred to as an air conditioner. In the air re-circulation method, the air conditioning system circulates air within the vehicle for cooling purposes. By opening an air duct in the front of the vehicle, the Fresh air approach allows outside air to enter the vehicle.

4. Turning Indicator Signals: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Turning Indicator Signals
Turning Indicator Signals

All four corners of the vehicle are fitted with a tuning indicator. These signals are normally displayed inside automobiles as green arrows pointing toward the upcoming turn. In some automobiles, the turn signal lever can be positioned on the left side of the steering wheel. A right turn is indicated by pushing the lever to the right, while a left turn is indicated by pushing the lever to the left.

5. Rear view Mirror: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Rear view Mirror
Rear view Mirror

It’s a feature of a car’s interior that allows the driver to see behind the vehicle’s back glass. One or more side-view mirrors, which act as separate rear-view mirrors on trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles, supplement the rear-view mirror.

6. Side Mirror: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Side Mirror
Side Mirror

A side mirror is a vehicle’s an outside mirror that helps the driver view regions outside their peripheral vision, such as the vehicle’s rear and sides. It’s also known as a wing mirror.

7. Vehicle Audio System: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Vehicle Audio System
Vehicle Audio System

A vehicle audio system is an important component of a car’s interior, providing in-car entertainment and information to passengers. FM radio, cassette players, track tape players, DVD players, GPS systems, and smartphone controllers like Car Play and Android Auto were all included.

8. Glove or Storage Compartment: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Glove or Storage Compartment
Glove or Storage Compartment

It’s a storage box built into a car’s dashboard for storing various items. It hangs over the front passenger’s foot well.

9. Airbags: ( Parts of Car Interior )


In the event of a collision, an airbag is a component of a car’s interior that uses a bag that swells quickly and then deflates quickly. Airbag cushions, a flexible fabric bag, an inflation module, and an impact sensor are all part of it.

10. Accelerator: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Accelerator car

The Accelerator is another name for the accelerator pedal. It may be found on the right side of the floor. It controls the amount of gas injected into the engine and the vehicle’s speed. While your car is accelerating, slowly press the Accelerator.

11. Brake Pedal: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Brake Pedal car
Brake Pedal

A pedal controls the braking mechanism in modern cars on the floor to the left of the accelerator. The brakes are applied when the driver presses it, slowing and stopping the car.

12. Clutch Pedal: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Clutch Pedal car
Clutch Pedal

A clutch pedal is only found in cars with manual transmissions. It’s on the floor, to the left of the brake pedal. When the driver depresses it, the clutch closes, halting the passage of power from the engine to the transmission.

13. Power Window & Door Lock Controls: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Power Window & Door Lock Controls
Power Window & Door Lock Controls

Power windows are car windows that can be opened and closed with buttons. A motorised window has replaced the typical manual handle.

14. Hazard Light Button: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Hazard Light Button
Hazard Light Button

A vehicle’s emergency flashers are visible warning lights. When drivers press the hazard light button or switch, they turn it on. These lights warn other drivers that you may be involved in an accident or that your vehicle is parked on the side of the road. When you start your emergency flasher, all the turn signal lights turn on.

15. Gear Knob: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Gear Knob in car
Gear Knob

A Gear knob refers to a vehicle with a manual or conventional transmission. The driver shifts gear manually with a Gear knob when they accelerate and slow down their car. It is positioned on the car’s centre console.

16. A/C Controls: ( Parts of Car Interior )

AC Controls in Car
AC Controls

The temperature of the vehicle is controlled through the driver’s control panel. The ventilation blower sends cold air from the A/C or warm air from the engine cooling medium to the car interior through ventilation holes at the right locations.

17. Cup or Beverage Holder: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Cup or Beverage Holder
Cup or Beverage Holder

A cup or beverage holder is a gadget that can be used as a car, restaurant table or travel drink holder. They can be turned into cars or chairs and installed on the walls of planes, boats, buses, and trains.

18. Emergency Brake Knob or Button: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Emergency Brake Knob or Button
Emergency Brake Knob or Button

The emergency brake, sometimes known as the handbrake, is a lever positioned on the car’s Centre console for immediate braking. It comprises a cable connected to the two-wheel brake and a pulling mechanism.

19. Seats & Seat Belt: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Seats & Seat Belt
Seats & Seat Belt

An automobile interior system includes a driver and passenger seat equipped with seat belts. The driver of the vehicle sits in the driver’s seat. The passenger seat is positioned on the passenger car’s side of the driver’s seat. A seat belt is a car safety gear that keeps you safe and secure inside your vehicle in the event of an accident or a sudden vehicle stop.

20. Floor Matting: ( Parts of Car Interior )

Floor Matting in Car
Floor Matting

Dirt from our shoes can spread inside the vehicle, resulting in an unsanitary environment that stinks. The collection of dust and wetness in the interior can be avoided by utilising a floor carpet.


The interior, or all of the components inside a vehicle, is the part of an automobile that the driver and passengers see and experience the most, in addition to the vehicle’s outward appearance. For example, the steering wheel, the dashboard, the seats, and the door panels. If the design is appropriate, vehicle interiors may be a key sales incentive and a comfort element.

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