How to Turn Ignition Without Key?

How to Turn Ignition Without Key?
How to Turn Ignition Without Key


How to Turn Ignition Without Key? – On the off chance that you own a car, you’ve most likely pondered it eventually. A key is an essential part of starting your car. You must pass the ignition lock to start it without a key, which you ought to possibly do on the off chance that you’ve lost your key.

At the point when you lose your car keys, a typical idea comes to your mind. Numerous car owners have this trouble. There may be always a question in the user’s mind, is there a way how to turn the ignition without a key? Indeed, and the answer will be you totally can. Beginning a car without utilizing the keys is possible.

How to Turn Ignition Without Key?

The first thing you need to expect is that starting your car without the key will be a tricky business. That is how cars are designed. On the off chance that it was a simple matter to start cars without keys being either utilized or detected, then, at that point, cars could not be stolen from the parked location of the individual. The manufacturer now offers keyless entry and push-button start, and that implies cars only get started when the smart device is close to the driver. You don’t need to physically open the vehicle any longer.

Below are some procedures which suggest how you can turn the ignition without a key:-

1. With a Screwdriver

Add a flathead screwdriver to your car’s first aid kit in the event that you don’t have one. The most straightforward and least harmful technique for starting a car is with a screwdriver. It involves a minimal amount of interaction with your vehicle’s wiring and puts the driver in a more secure situation than alternate ways. Just a flathead screwdriver and a little elbow grease are required.

Below are some points which suggest how to turn the ignition without a key but with a screwdriver:

  • Find the screws that keep the trim on your steering column set up. Eliminate them and store them in someplace that is safe and convenient.
  • To get to the car’s ignition switch, eliminate the plastic trim.
  • Insert the screwdriver into the ignition tumbler, frequently known as the keyhole. To engage this ignition, turn the screwdriver gently. On the off chance that the car starts, go to a nearby car dealership immediately to get another key.

2. With a Red Coil

The red coil method may be a speedy method to jumpstart your vehicle in an emergency for car owners who feel comfortable around underneath the hood. Obviously, while attempting this method, you’ll require a couple of mechanic gloves for protection. For this method, you’ll likewise require a couple of jumper cables.

  • To track down the red wire, open the hood of the car. It very well might be on the left, right, or close to the back of the engine, depending upon the vehicle.
  • Take the red wire and further connect it to the jumper cord. Then, connect the jumper cable to the car battery’s positive terminal. The dash of your car will start to acquire power.
  • You’ll have to arrive at the steering column solenoid once your dash has started to receive power. You need to find the space between the steering wheel and the steering column. After that, Push pressure on the gap with a screwdriver until the locking mechanism gives way.
  • A little red wire ought to be linked to the steering wheel’s key mechanism. To do whatever it takes not to be shocked, Be cautious before pressing the metal end of a screwdriver on the wire while keeping your hand on the insulated handle. This ought to start the car’s engine and permit you to drive it to a technician for assistance with another key.

3. Using a Hotwire

With regards to turning the ignition without a key, hotwiring is a great choice. However, there’s something else to start a car besides assembling a couple of wires. Working with a vehicle’s live wires needs hot wiring, which can bring about the driver being shocked.

Below are some points which suggest how to turn the ignition without a key but with a hot wire:-

  • Find the screws that hold the steering column intact. The screws are generally found near the base of the steering column, on one or the other side of the steering wheel. The screws must be removed.
  • Remove the column’s access panels. By and large, they just slide out.
  • Thoroughly search in the steering column for the three wire packs. Just the battery pack is required. Red wiring is normally found in the battery pack, however, you ought to double-check with your owner’s manual to stay away from any mishaps including the starter or ignition wiring.
  • Remove or eliminate the insulation from the battery and ignition wires with a wire stripper, scissors, or folding knife. To turn on the vehicle’s ignition and lights twists these closures together.
  • Strip the end of the starter wire gently to turn over the motor. Connect or Interface this end to the battery and starter wires that are g together. The starting wire ought not to be twisted into the pack. The starting wire is live, and keeping in mind that it won’t kill you, it will cause you pain. In this way, wrap it with electrical tape when the motor is started.
  • Drive the vehicle to a mechanic immediately so they can reassemble the steering column and produce another key for you.


Starting an automobile without keys is practically identical to starting a car with a faulty ignition switch. It’s normal for you to have problems with your car keys, key fobs, and ignition cylinders and switches as a driver. The information provided above ought to help you in diagnosing an issue with your car, ranging from a basic battery issue that you can fix yourself to more difficult issues that require specialized machines and knowledge. In the event that you don’t know how to turn the ignition without a key or what’s causing it not to start, you can call an expert or an authorized dealer to get your problem solved.

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