9 Types of Car Keys – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]

9 Types of Car Keys - Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]
Car Keys

9 Types of Car Keys – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]: – A vehicle key, also known as an automotive key, is used to unlock and start a car. Modern car keys typically have symmetrical designs; some actuate locks with grooves on both sides rather than a cut edge. The car it was sold with has a variety of purposes. The doors, the ignition, the glove box, and the boot of the automobile may all be opened with a car key. Some cars have an extra valet key that starts the ignition and unlocks the driver’s side door but keeps valuables from accessing the glove box or trunk.

Some valet keys, especially those for high-performance cars, even limit the engine’s power output to stop people from joyriding. Recently, modern vehicles have been equipped with technologies like programmed immobilizers. More advanced systems replace the mechanical key switch with electrical components for ignition. Numerous methods, including Megamos and KeeLoq Crypto, are ineffective and susceptible to cryptanalytic attacks.

In many current automobiles, the secure locking of the steering column or gear lever is paired with ignition switches or locks. The button in the latter is located between the seats, protecting the driver’s knee from injury in an accident. Most new cars now come standard with keyless entry systems, which use a keypad on the door or remote control in place of a car key. Some of them provide hand-free options. Some advanced car keys are advertised as theft deterrents. Mercedes-Benz utilizes a key that connects with the car’s computer via an encoded infrared beam rather than a cut metal piece to start the vehicle. The automobile can be started if the codes match.

The cost of replacing these keys can be high. Except, look, a switchblade y is identical to any other car key. The switchblade key is intended to fold up inside the fob when not in use. Switchblade keys have recently gained popularity due to their stylish, compact design. Flip Keys are another name for these kinds of keys. Switchblade keys typically have a programmed transponder chip because they are only made for new automobile models.

Types of Car Keys

1. Flip Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Flip Car Keys
Flip Car Key

Flip car keys are widely utilized by numerous automakers today and are also sometimes referred to as switchblade car keys. The actual key is made to fold inside the critical fob when not in use, as the name implies. Flip keys are used frequently because of how little they are. Due to the switchblade keys’ popularly small shape, people even make various kinds of automobile keys into folding keys. Today’s services can convert your standard automobile key into a flip-style one.

2. Laser Cut Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Laser Cut Car Keys
Laser Cut Car Key

To lower the risk of auto theft, luxury car makers began using laser-cut keys in the 1990s. Car keys that have been laser-cut are typically thicker than conventional car key designs. A laser-cut vehicle key creates the same laser groove on both sides. This makes it possible to insert the key into the ignition in any direction and increases the difficulty of making a duplicate automobile key. Many laser-cut automobile keys additionally feature a tiny portion to which the actual metal key is attached. This type of car key will therefore also use a transponder chip. Vehicle makers can increase the security of their automobiles with the help of these chips.

3. Mechanically Cut Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Mechanically Cut Car Keys
Mechanically Cut Car Key

Among the more traditional varieties of vehicle keys mentioned on this list are mechanically cut car keys. This is the most basic car key used today and is also a classic car key. These keys are typically used by older vehicles without security encoding. However, these keys are not the most secure, as they are the most fundamental type. These keys are often primarily constructed of metal. This indicates that numerous techniques can be used to create duplicates of the key. Mechanically cut automobile keys can be duplicated using regular blank keys.

4. Master Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Master Car Key
Master Car Key

A master car key, as the name suggests, can open the doors and turn on the ignition of several different vehicles. Some regulations regulate the use of master automobile keys because of the variety of functions these keys have. Serious repercussions could befall anyone illegally possessing a master auto key. Master car keys are often only used by locksmiths and other automotive experts. However, due to their extreme adaptability, these car keys are frequently sought after by crooks. Criminals frequently employ techniques to get or make unlawful master automobile keys.

5. Tibbe Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Tibbe Car Key
Tibbe Car Key

Tibbe vehicle keys, a secure form of key frequently used by Jaguar and Ford, were first introduced in the early 1980s. This kind of key is hard to replicate because of its cylindrical shape. The inability of typical hardware stores to copy these keys has contributed to their widespread use. When a tibbe auto key needs to be replaced, there are two steps involved. To begin with, a new tibbe key needs to be ordered. The new crucial device for your vehicle needs to be programmed by a professional. Although not the most popular automobile key used today, this one is very secure.

6. Remote Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Remote Car Key
Remote Car Key

Remote automobile keys resemble laser-cut vehicle keys in appearance. However, a remote vehicle key offers more features than a laser-cut car key, which usually uses a transponder chip. A remote car key will have buttons that, when pressed, will unlock the car and turn off the alarm. Users can lock or unlock their car key at a close distance with a remote car key. In contrast to intelligent keys, a remote key must be put into the ignition to start the automobile, which may also be used to unlock the vehicle without making physical contact.

7. Smart Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Smart Car Key
Smart Car Key

One of the newest types of automobile keys being used by automakers is the smart car key. Smart keys, also called keyless car keys, are recognized by your automobile when you are close by. With this kind of key, customers can push a button to start their cars. These automobile keys don’t have to be turned in the ignition while driving. These contemporary intelligent car keys have a lot of benefits, but they can be expensive to replace. Additionally, due to the potential security risk, you might even need to replace the entire locking system in your car if you lose your smart key.

8. Transponder Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Transponder Car Key
Transponder Car Key

Car keys with transponders come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is evident from the sorts of vehicle keys that have already been mentioned that various car keys use these safe transponder chips. In the 1990s, the trend of using proper car keys with transponder chips began. Transponder chips have become a mainstay of vehicle safety and anti-theft systems in the past three decades. Generally, most automobiles produced in the past 20 years will have a transponder chip for added security.

9. Valet Car Key: ( Types of Car Keys )

Valet Car Key
Valet Car Key

Valet car keys are intended for use by valet services, as the name suggests. When employing these convenient services, vehicle owners can hand over a specialized key with restricted functionality by having a spare valet key. In the end, using valet services is safer for drivers. The only functions of a unique valet car key are to lock or unlock the doors and turn the ignition. A valet key, however, cannot enter a closed glove box or trunk that belongs to the owner. Many motorists keep valet keys close if they get locked out of their car or lose their keys.


The first car key was ever used in 1910. However, the only function of the original car key was to lock the ignition. The technology utilized in automobile keys and the various kinds that are currently accessible have advanced significantly more than a century later. Modern cars use car keys with remotes and transponder chips, replacing the mechanically cut keys used in previous vehicles. A driver can open their car close by using a remote key. Drivers can unlock and start their vehicles without turning a key in the ignition by using a smart car key.

Numerous technological breakthroughs have been achieved in the field of automobile keys since the first one was deployed in 1910. Transponder chips were eventually incorporated into keys to improving security. Remote keys and intelligent keys have further changed the safety of vehicles. Using the list above, you can determine the kind of automobile key you currently use.

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