Types of Wood Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures]

Types of Wood Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures]
Wood Screws

Types of Wood Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures] :-

Types of Wood Screws

1. Hex Head Structural Screws

There is a hexagonal depression at the head of these types of screws which helps them in faster drilling and reduce the chances of stripping out which is a common problem with the Phillips head bit. These screws are generally used in floors, roofs and various of load bearing structure. ( Types of Screw Heads )

2. Heavy Duty Hex Head Structural Screws

These screws are designed for carrying more heavier load than Hex Head Structural Screws but their washer head are wider than other screws, therefore they are used for two purposes. First of all they prevent head from sinking in the material when high stress is present and secondly wide area provide better grip with the surface. Diameter of these screws are in between 66mm to 87mm.

3. Stainless Steel Hex Head Structural Screws

These screws are corrosion resistant therefore they are used for the place where they are exposed to moisture. The depressed hexagonal head of the screw prevent them from stripping out at the time of removal or insertion. They are commonly used for wood to wood applications.

4. Flat Head Structural Screws

The main difference between the flat head structural screws and the standard hexagonal variety is that they have no angled edges which reduce the chance of screw to be splintered. They are best suited for finishing work like in cabinetry. Their tighter threads allow high grip and high resistance to withdrawal.

5. Standard Wood Screws

This wood screw is one of the most common screw which is used nowadays for joining the wood pieces together. Their top is smooth and have a threaded shank. Generally they have flat head which provide finish look when they are driven into the wood. They are very less expensive and are available is various lengths as well as head types.

6. Pocket Screws

These screws are well known for their self-drilling capacity. They have flat shoulder which is attached to the wide head. They are used for wood where pocket holes are available and secure the wood, if we use standard wood screw for pocket holes then it will split the wood.

Commonly used pocket screws have square drive which helps them to be placed easily and are best suited for pocket holes.

7. Deck Screws

Deck screws are used for all the outdoor wood work. They are made up of hardened steel or copper which results in corrosion resistant. In these screws deep thread is provided on the shank and have sharp tip therefore they can be easily driven to the boards. They can be used for softwood as well as hardwood applications. They can be useful for the coastal areas or for harsh weather and can withstand with all-weather type and provide secure and firm bond. They reduce the risk of weakening of fastening point.

8. Drywall Screws

Drywall screws are the cheapest among all type of screws. They are generally used for most of the wood work. They have thread which run to the entire length of the screw and very thin shank. They are not very strong due to their thin shank and are not good for using in hardwood applications.

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