Limousine | Limousine Car | Types of Limousines | Characteristics of Limousines [with Pictures & Names]

Limousine | Limousine Car | Types of Limousines | Characteristics of Limousines [with Pictures & Names]

Limousine Introduction:

Limousine | Limousine Car | Types of Limousines | Characteristics of Limousines [with Pictures & Names]: – The vehicles we use for transportation for unique events have forever been a symbol of status and richness with the intention to impress. A limousine is a large car. It’s normally more extravagant than a taxi. It’s frequently utilized for individuals who are more important or have a status or significance to society. For instance, a few limousines are utilized for cops, lawmakers, individuals from the royal family, and celebrities. ( Types of Cars )

Limousines are long and extravagant cars. They’re typically driven by a professional driver that is licensed and authorized to drive such a car. Limousines for the most part have more than 4 doors. Limousines are extremely long. They’re by and large utilized for occasions or events that need to accommodate many individuals in them. Some are utilized to make a statement of significance or wealth, while others are useful and exquisite without attracting attention. Anybody can have the limousine experience by hiring them for unique events and functions. ( Types of Vehicles )

Limousines Characteristics:

Below are the attributes which characterize most limousines:

1. Size

Limos vary in size yet are typically larger than most standard road cars. Some limos can seem to be like a large sedan, by and large, all limos have a longer wheelbase than most other standard cars.

2. Luxury

The inside of the limo has additional space for the passengers or travelers to make the ride more comfortable and to offer conveniences like beverages and exceptional lighting. Financial specialists like to utilize limos to transport them around the city on the grounds that the extra space permits them to work or conduct meetings in the car while they travel.

The limousine concept started with the town car, or roadster de Ville, a car designed for well-off families. The driver compartment was enclosed, yet the partition between the driver and the passengers remained.

The partition between individuals and the chauffeur is generally made using glass with a sliding panel that can be opened to work with correspondence with the driver.

3. Chauffeur Driven

Most limousines are utilized by businessmen, celebrities, lawmakers, and notable individuals, that don’t drive themselves but utilize a chauffeur to drive the limo. There are many times a partition between the driver and the passengers to manage the cost of security for those transported toward the back of the limo.

Limousine Types:

1. Sedan Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Sedan Limousine
Sedan Limousine

The sedan limo looks basically the same as standard sedans yet is larger than standard sedans, giving more room to breathe to travelers in the back. The advantage of the sedan limo is that they are more flexible and nimble on city roads and while parking is needed outside buildings. These limos are generally the most financially savvy limos to hire and buy yet give more prominent solace and comfort compared with standard cars.

These benefits of the standard limo make them the limo of decision for the overwhelming majority of business leaders expecting to travel around the city in solace and style. The sedan limo depicts the image required by these executives, yet without the inconvenience of larger limos that are limited by slender roads and limited parking options.

The businessman that moves from one city to another frequently hires sedan limos to pick them up at the air terminal and drive them to their different business appointments. The chauffeur is normally included for the recruit of the limo. Sedan limos are normally intended for 3 to 4 travelers.

2. SUV Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Lincoln Limousine
Lincoln Limousine

SUV limos are SUVs that have been converted or changed over into limousines and are regularly larger than sedan limos. SUV limos have more headroom, and travelers by and large move forward to get into these limos rather than down, making it more convenient for ladies wearing elaborate dresses to enter and exit these vehicles. This reason makes SUV limos well known for weddings and prom nights, where the ladies wear elaborate and at times large outfits. SUV limos typically have really packing space in the back for luggage and youngsters carriages, making them well known for families.

These SUV limos normally incorporate a fully stocked bar and interactive media system for entertainment while you travel. SUV limos are preferred over sedan limos for longer-distance transportation because of the solace of more legroom and more space for luggage.

3. Limousine Bus: ( Limousine Types )

Limousine Bus
Limousine Bus

The limousine bus is otherwise called a party bus since they are frequently hired for party occasions, for example, bachelor or celebrity parties. The limo bus comes in different sizes, from minibus sizes to full luxury bus sizes, permitting individuals to hire the size bus that best suits the number of visitors that will be accommodated. If we talk about the interior of a limo Bus it is usually stripped completely and equipped with extravagant limousine-style features that give solace, convenience, and extravagance.

A limo bus or party bus is a convenient and safe method to move your guests to and from a party venue or travel from one party destination to another. Limousine buses commonly include televisions, quality sound systems, full bars, and subtle lighting for a vibe. The number of travelers these limos can accommodate relies upon the size of the bus but it can range between 10 to 50 individuals. Some large bus limos even feature hardwood floors for dancing and confidential VIP rooms.

4. Pullman Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Pullman Limousine
Pullman Limousine

In certain countries, long-wheelbase limousines are called Pullman limousines. The Pullman name comes from the sleeper railways cars built by the Pullman Company. These railway coaches’ people carrying capacity and extravagance translated into the long-wheelbase limo. Mercedes created limos in light of the Mercedes-Benz 600 and later model S-Class, and these limos were designated as Pullman limousines. Many heads of state use Mercedes Pullman limos which have the additional status of being manufactured by the prestigious German car manufacturer and lend an air of power and class to the motorcade.

5. Hummer Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Hummer Limousine
Hummer Limousine

The Hummer has an impressive design that depicts strength, toughness, and a ready-for-anything attitude. The Hummer has been converted or changed over into perhaps different and unique style limos, from SUVs to stretch limos. The Hummer has a wider wheel track than most other street cars, which, combined with the Hummer’s rugged, off-road look, makes a noteworthy, eye-catching limousine.

The number of travelers that a Hummer Limousine can transport will rely upon the limo style. The benefit of the width of the Hummer permits more side-to-side seating than in different limos in light of standard cars. The features in a Hummer limo will likewise change in light of the size of the limo however can include bar facilities and multimedia systems.

6. Stretch Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Stretch Limousine
Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are the iconic limousine style that typically strikes a chord when these vehicles are mentioned. They are absolutely an eye-catching sight on city roads as they drive by with their masterful quality of luxury and lavishness. Stretch limos are so named on the grounds that they are standard cars that have been stretched to accommodate or fit in more individuals and the luxury conveniences expected inside these cars.

The stretch is accomplished by a feat of engineering by which the front of a car is cut-off, the stretch piece welded onto the front, and the back piece of the car is then re-connected to the back end of the stretch part.

The vehicle’s safety features, like brakes and suspension, should be modified or altered to convey the increased weight of the vehicle. The seating inside the stretch limo by and large incorporates seats along the back, sides, and in some cases rear-facing seats close to the driver’s cab. Stretch limos by and large includes a built-in bar and multimedia center for the traveler’s comfort.

7. Super Stretch Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Super Stretch Limousine
Super Stretch Limousine

The super stretch limo is basically an extra extended stretch limo. These vehicles for the most part have all the internal conveniences included in a stretch limo however have the additional comfort of more space. Super stretch limos are by and large impractical and are created to make a statement or as a marketing ploy by organizations for unique occasions. The longest super-stretch limo is named the American dream and measures an amazing 100 feet and 1.5 inches, or 30.54 meters. This gigantic limo includes a swimming pool, a golf putting green, and a helipad on the rooftop for helicopters to land, and the car can be driven from both ends.

8. Convertible Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Convertible Limousine
Convertible Limousine

Convertible limousines are for those residing where the climate is conducive to driving with the top down or for VIPs who want to interact with crowds while driving with their company. Convertible limos come in various limo styles and with various kinds of convertible rooftops. They can be sedans, SUVs, or stretch limos. The style of convertible rooftop can likewise vary from a full-length convertible rooftop to a half or partial-length retractable rooftop.

In full-length convertibles, the whole rooftop, including the portion over the chauffeur, can be retracted to uncover the entire interior of the limo to the open air. Partial-length convertible limos have a retractable section of the rooftop, generally the back segment of the limo, leaving the rest of the rooftop in place. Convertible limos will have the same onboard facilities as different limos in a similar class, with the main difference being the convertible rooftop.

9. Classic or Vintage Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Vintage Limousine
Vintage Limousine

Classic or vintage limos are limos constructed from classic or exemplary, historic cars. The classic old-school design of these cars carries an exquisite retro feel to the limo, making it suitable for magnificent events like royal processions or weddings. These vintage cars are in many cases based on Bentleys, Rolls Royce car designs, or likewise classy old cars. Vintage limos are to a lesser degree a party limos and all the more a special occasion limos, making a statement of style and imperial tastefulness. The extra headroom in these cars makes them suitable for men and women that will be wearing hats or different crowns for exceptional events.

10. Lincoln Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Lincoln Limousine
Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln limos are so named in light of the fact that these models are based on the Lincoln model which is produced by the Ford Motor company. Lincoln limos can be sedan limos, yet they are all the more typically stretch limos with added feature sets.

The standout feature that differentiates Lincoln limos from other limos is enhanced security features, which is the most recent innovation in the car’s engineering, interior finish, and more elite class style and solace. These features have become inseparable from Lincoln limos, making them well-known among celebrities, VIPs, and government officials. These are the limousines of choice where the security of the guest is of most extreme significance, like heads of state or royalty from different countries.

11. Novelty Limousine: ( Limousine Types )

Novelty limos are made using different cars and painted in stunning varieties to draw attention to the vehicle. Standard cars converted into novelty limousines incorporate the VW beetle, the Fiat Panda, the Lada, and Citroen 2CV. Some other novelty limos have been created from esteemed sports cars, like Corvettes and Ferraris. Nothing else offers a remarkable statement as showing up at a function in a Ferrari limo!


Limos are a means to make a statement while showing up at a function or for extra protection for VIPs, however, they can likewise be practical for business people that need to go to work. One way or the other, the limo always promotes the presence of polish, style, and riches, other than being a comfortable way to travel. Limousines address tastefulness, refinement, and solace.

Any limo that drives by makes heads turn, while those inside get to carry on with a luxurious dream. Be that as it may, assuming you’re lucky enough to need to hire a limousine, deciding between various types can be a difficult choice. The type of limo you would take to pick up a client at the air terminal is surely not the same as that you would use for a pleasant evening out on the town.

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