Bending Machine: Definition, Types, Parts, Working, Application & Advantages

Bending Machine: Definition, Types, Parts, Working, Application & Advantages
Bending Machine

Definition of Bending Machine?

Bending Machine: Definition, Types, Parts, Working, Application & Advantages :- A bending machine is referred to as a primarily used machine which is mainly used to form a bend on any required work piece. The machine is used to make use of the bending tool which is present in it and is responsible for the process. There are various different types of bending machines which are commonly available in the market. Some of these are mentioned below:

Types of Bending Machine

  1. Metal sheet bending machine
  2. Bus-bar bending-cutting-punching machine
  3. Hydraulic and mechanical Profile bending machine
  4. Hydraulic hand
  5. Motorized pipe bending machine
  6. Sheet folding machine
  7. Sheet metal bending machine
  8. Pipe bending machine

1. Metal Sheet Bending Machine

The sheet bending machine is mainly selected for the purpose of creating a bend inside the metal sheets. The metal pieces are initially fixed on the clamping device which is known to hold them during the complete operating process. The nature of this bending machine is found due to an unknown fact which is that they are manufactured by using a very high-grade raw material.

A sheet folding machine is referred to as an instrument which is used to bend the objects at any particular angle. This profile of bending machine is referred to as a pipe bending machine as it is used mainly with an aim to bend the pipe objects. Mainly this type of machine is found suitable to be used whenever it comes to any bending objects like a pipe, tube, etc. The profile bending machines are the ones which are used due to their highly accurate quality and is preferred amongst most of the users.

2. Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

All the technically superior and perfectly engineered instruments are found to consume less electricity and are even found having minimum maintenance. Mostly due to the rear cylinders, the system is responsible for consuming lower pressure along with the compact cylinders. The machines with these types of superior quality are found having power to fight against fatigue failure and the machines have a capacity of better rigidity as well as load carrying capacity.

These are the tools which are mostly found including features like accuracy, high speed, minimum wear and tear etc. The tougher will be the hydraulic brake the more it will last hydraulic. These are found to be simple to operate and are even noise and vibration free. There are many models of such machines available in the market, which are specifically designed to set the requirements of the client.

Advantages Of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

There are various advantages of using hydraulic press brake machine one amongst which is that it offers the machine a huge pressure supplies in almost all the directions. This is done in order to maintain a good quality of the final product.

One more advantage which is commonly known about the hydraulic press brake is that it is preferred by the industries as the machine is found to be adaptive and easy to operate. There are various roles which a machine follows like cutting, bending and spreading of the sheets that can be easily executed by the usage of the machine.

Other advantage is that the design of the machinery seems to be along with a simple structure which can bend and cut down a mass amount of materials like metals at a particular time.

Reason For Using a Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

The main reason of preferring a hydraulic press brake machine is to bend the thicker materials which exhibit less deflection along with the length of the bend which ensures a consistent bend with a specific radius in the thicker materials. This machinery is found to be most flexible as it gives various options while it works to give shape to a metal sheet. This is also accomplished by bending the materials at varying angles in order to create the different types of structures.

The modern hydraulic press brake is specifically made by the manufacturers in a typically lighter model accompanied with a simpler way to install so that the manufacturing process gets a little simpler. The hydraulic press is the one which uses the braking system to create better bends and hydraulic press brake machine manufacturers which have introduced various innovations in the field of manufacturing.

3. CNC Press Brake Machine

A CNC press brake is referred to as a 3 axis machine which is found to be accurate, automatic & has fast back gauge. This is known to be one of the perfect tool which is used for fulfilling the precise bending requirement. These are the ones which are known to be highly user-friendly and are found offering cost-effective solutions as per the requirement of the various industries. Each section of the machine is found to be ready in order to provide the best support while operating. These machineries are specially designed in order to fit all the precise bending requirement at a very low investment comparatively.

4. Plate Rolling Machine

There are various types of plate rolling machines about which one should definitely know, in order to select the best for their usage. Scroll down to learn more:

Plate Rolling Machines
Plate Rolling Machines

A) 3 Roll Mechanical Plate Bending Machine (Pyramid Type)

The plate bending machine is mostly found to be of a Pyramid Type Mechanical Plate bending which is found to be specifically designed in order to cater the basic requirements of bending & forming of the metal plates. In this types of machine, the bottom is found rolling and is driven by the electric motor & the gear box. The upper roll is the one which has a manual up & down adjustment in order to achieve the desired bending radius. This is one of the simplest & robust design which a machine can have and is also suitable for light to medium jobs.

B) 3 Roll Pyramid Type Hydro-Mechanical Plate Bending

The plate bending machine is of pyramid type which is particularly designed and is accompanied with a top roll up & down movement by the hydraulic cylinder. This is the system which is found saving the time & labour in order to adjust the top roll. This is the feature which makes the machine to be more productive and suitable in order to handle the heavy jobs. The dropper end movement is found to be done using the hydraulic cylinder.

C) 3 Roll Plate Bending Hydro-Mechanical Double Pre-Pinch

The plate bending machine (PBM) DP series is found to be the one which rolls the pyramid type hydro-mechanical plate bending and is designed particularly with double side pre-pinching arrangement. The unique design is responsible for permitting the pre-pinching of the job by both bottom rolls.

So, the job is completed in a single operation. This is the feature which makes the machine more productive and suitable too for handling various heavy jobs. The top roller is the one which is fixed and pre-pinched by both the bottom rolls through the hydraulic cylinders.

5. Pyramid Type Bending Roller

The bottom rolls are the ones which are fixed and are driven by gears and warm reduction gear box collectively. The top roll is the one which is found rotating in a particularly fixed position which can be adjusted either upwards & downwards manually by the adjustable screws.

Profile bending is referred to as a machinery which is typically used in the industries in order to perform the bending on profiles of various shapes and sizes. These are the types of bending machine which are found commonly in the marketplace and can cater with the largest range of products. The numerous varying features of the hydro mechanical profile bending machine are found including some of the features like capacity, robustness, axis diameter as well as supporting different profiles.

Special cast frame are mentioned as follows:

  • Shafts are usually hardened along with the special type of steel material.
  • Rollers are the special steel materials which are found to be hardened and grounded.
  • Gears are milled along with a full material.
  • Vertical Operations
  • Accompanied with a standard foot pedal

Features and Advantages of Slip Roll-Electric Operated

The electric shearing machines are referred to as those which are used for processes in which sheets of metals are separated by applying high pressure and is also used in most of the cutting procedures. These machines are preferred as these do not produce any wastage and is especially found to be cost-effective for higher output operations.

The shearing blades are found to be mounted at a particular angle which can cut relatively smaller lengths of material at a single point in time. These are the one which are used widely for the purpose of cutting metal sheets, plates, aluminium and stainless steel with a straight clean cut and without eliminating any wastage.

Asymmetrical Roll Bending Machine is found having

  • High strength steel roll along with handheld shearing machine
  • Fixed Top Roller
  • Adjustable Lower and Rear Roller
  • Standard Series Wire Core Groove 
  • Quick release top roller

1. Sheet Folding Machine

Sheet folding machines are referred to as those machines which assist you in curving and folding various types of materials in order to achieve the desired outcome. Talking about the metal industry, manufacturers are mostly required to bend the metal sheets at any particular angle in order to achieve the desired result. Sheet folding machines are the ones which uses a combination of tension and compression in order to create a sophisticated product. The machine is also found enabling the manufacturers in order to set-up multiple parts which are otherwise found hard to work with.

The sheet folding machines are the ones which are found offering businesses and innovative opportunities in order to mould the raw materials into the sophisticated products as per the requirement. These are the machines which are usually popular as they can be customized with varying accessories and cater to the needs of various industries.

2. Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe bending machines are the ones which are responsible for helping in bending the pipes or tubes of different materials. There are industries like automotive, plumbing, architecture and others which are consistently found using the pipe bending machine in order to curve the pipes to follow any other industrial purpose. Even if you are working on bending a small piece of pipe or on a larger one, the equipment is found working perfectly without using any of the higher level energy or force.

Main Parts of Bending Machine

1. Bend Die

The bend die is referred to as the one which is also known as the bend form or the radius die. This is termed as one of the most important part of a rotary-draw bending machine. The tube is found to the bend die wherein the drawing process produces the required bend. The selection of this type of die is quite important, as the tubes present inside the radius depends on it.

2. Clamp Die

The clamp die is referred to as that which presses the tube onto the bend die. The main purpose of this type of die is to prevent the pipe from any slipping while it is found operating.

3. Pressure Die

The pressure die is found to be responsible for ensuring that the tube needs follows contour of the bend die.

4. Wiper Die

A wiper die is the one which is placed just after the bend die. The main purpose of this die is to avoid the formation of any humps in the inner radius.

During the forming process, the material is found turning plastic while bending. This can also result in formation of wrinkles along with the larger deformations. So, adding a wiper die just after the bend die is found to help in order to smooth the surface.

5. Mandrel

In the bending steel and aluminum tubes, a mandrel is found to be quite necessary for more difficult jobs. Bending a small radius, thin tubes or harder materials is found resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome. Therefore, in those cases, a mandrel is found to be quite handy. The main objective of a mandrel is to keep the tube away from collapsing.

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