Door Knob | Types of Door Knobs | How to Choose a Door Knob

Door Knob | Types of Door Knobs | How to Choose a Door Knob
Door Knob


Door Knob | Types of Door Knobs | How to Choose a Door Knob – Door knobs are accessories that have been in use for quite a while. These are ball-shaped or spherical devices that are utilized to open and even lock gates. Most of these things are made of stainless steel, brass, or bronze, contingent upon the completion you like. These materials, as a general rule, don’t rust and can be utilized for an extended period of time.

Door knobs comprised of a shank, shaft, and knob-top. The knob-top is  part of the door that is grasped by the hand to open it. The shank is comprised of the stem connected to the round door knob, which has a hole for the spindle. The control is a washer or round plate that is adjusted to fit smoothly on the entry surface and form the knobs socket.

Types of Door Knobs

1. Keyed Entry Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Keyed Entry Door Knobs
Keyed Entry Door Knobs

Keyed entry door knobs are the most well-known type of door knob. You’ll find them on both inside and outside doors and in different completions. You can choose from single-cylinder and twofold-cylinder options. Single cylinder door knobs are keyed from the outside and a thumb turns on the inside. Double cylinder door knobs have a keyed hole on both the inside and outside.

Unlike the other different sorts of door knobs, most keyed door knobs have a keyhole outwardly and a small turn button inside. To lock the door, you need to insert a key into the keyhole and then turn it clockwise. This connects with a locking mechanism that prevents the knob from being turned from the outside. To open the door, you insert the key and turn it counterclockwise. To unlock the door from inside, you basically turn the small button or switch.

2. Privacy Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Privacy Door Knobs
Privacy Door Knobs

This kind of door knob is most frequently utilized in bedroom and washroom doors. Most privacy door knobs are additionally made of sturdy materials and unique finishes that complement the style of the door or indoor stylistic layout. There are various sorts of privacy door knobs as well. Most have a turn-button locking mechanism, however, some have a push-button locking system. The turn button is locked in by turning the knob aside or the other until it locks into place. The push button is engaged by pushing on the button until it gets into place. There are likewise some privacy door knobs that can be locked from the outside with a key.

The outside of the knob will have a slot into which a long, flimsy generic key can be inserted to unlock the door. This safety feature is essential in the case of fire or different crisis situations where individuals could have to exit the building at a rapid rate. As a precautionary measure, the key is much of the time tucked simply over the door frame edge in the event it’s required.

3. Passage Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Passage Door Knobs
Passage Door Knobs

Passage door knobs are a different kinds of door knobs typically utilized on interior doors. They are not difficult to utilize and don’t require a key to work. They’re broadly utilized in areas inside the home that don’t need any degree of protection, like passages, wardrobes, storerooms, and pantries. They’re likewise accessible in various finishes and designs to match the style of your home.

Passage door knobs are designed with a basic lock that turns as you rotate the door knob. Unlike various kinds of door knobs, Passage door knobs don’t have a lock, so they can be opened from outside with a basic contort.

4. Key-less Entry Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Key less Entry Door Knobs
Key less Entry Door Knobs

A modern choice as per changing things around, keyless entry door knobs are giving tough competition to its competitors. These include a secure or safeguarded lock, but as opposed to using a key to lock and unlock them, either a numerical code that has been set up ahead of time or a great innovation will take care of business. These are quite helpful for anyone prone to forgetting their keys or who needs to simplify it to allow more friends and family to come in without making a lot of additional keys.

5. Interior Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Interior Door Knobs
Interior Door Knobs

The interior knobs are more prevalent in more seasoned homes and give a more customary look. You could try and have the option to get a glass gate control with this charming look. An interior mortise style, rather than a modern version that is separate from the knobs, features a large rectangular lock inside the gate. For added security, Interior mortise door knobs are matched with skeleton keys and connected to a deadbolt in specific models.

6. Dummy Door Knobs: ( Types of Door Knob )

Dummy Door Knobs
Dummy Door Knobs

The dummy door knob is an alternate type of door knob that is typically utilized as a decorative piece on a door. They are typically mounted on the outer layer(surface) of the door and have no locking system. Dummy door knobs are accessible in various styles and finish to match the appearance of your home. You’ll find them on small cloth wardrobes or shallow pantry doors, which an individual could never enter or lock. Doors with dummy door knobs might have an attractive catch or ball latch along the top part of the door only for added safety.

Dummy door knobs are normally mounted on the outer layer(surface) of the door and are held in place with a small set screws. They don’t have a twist or press button mechanism like various kinds of door knobs do. They’re as a rule surface-mounted on doors where simply a pull is required with no activity. To utilize a dummy door knob, just pull the door open.

How to Choose a Doorknob?

A) Security

One of the main considerations for exterior door knobs is security. Your entry door knob’s lock is the most convincing thing remaining between your home and a potential intruder, so you should be sure it will deal with its business.

Grade 1 is the most significant level accessible and usually utilized for commercial and business purposes. You can trust a grade-one door knob to keep you safe and secure.

 Grade 2 is another option for the door knob that actually performed fairly well and is likely acceptable as far as most residential purposes. The Grade 3 option provides an essential degree of safety and ought to  be utilized for internal door knobs.

B) Privacy

While external door knobs have the crucial responsibility of providing security to your home, numerous internal door knobs will have the job of ensuring protection among the residents of the home itself. The ability to lock the door when you’re in the washroom or getting changed in the morning time can members of the family or flatmates from the humiliation or discomfort of accidental walk-ins.

While the stakes of room security within the house aren’t exactly as high as those of keeping intruders out, getting the right door knobs to give the degree of privacy you want can ensure a more joyful, more harmonious living place.

C) Locking Mechanism

Interior doorknobs with locks are occasionally keyed, yet more often they offer either a push button or a thumb turn to lock.

The locking mechanism doesn’t normally make a big deal about how well the door handle locks, it’s simply a matter of individual preference. For interior door knobs, you really do to search for a door knob with an emergency release so you have a way of opening the door on the off chance that it gets stuck.

D) Style & Shape

Door knobs arrive in a wide exhibit of styles. For those generally focused on function over form, you can find a lot of reasonable basic door knobs that will not draw much attention. However, for anybody who needs something somewhat flashier, or that will find a place with the specific style of the room around it, you can find door knobs in various kinds  of plans and styles – from contemporary to modern to classic to rustic, and beyond. In the event that finding a door handle with the right aesthetic is vital to you, invest some time perusing to get a clear image of what’s out there prior to choosing any one thing.

E) Color & Finish

Notwithstanding a large number of styles, you likewise have a good selection of colors to choose from. While most door knobs come in additional neutral colors like dark, brown, silver, and Grey. various door knobs are accessible that break out of the normal and incorporate reds, blues, flower designs – and so on. Assuming you need a doorknob that brings some additional color into the space, don’t think you need to settle for one that is neutral.

F) Ease of Installation

Door knobs are generally easy to install, so most customers with even essential Do-It-Yourself abilities will probably have an issue with the installation. Regardless, assuming you’re an amateur handyman, you would rather not make the work any harder for yourself than it must be.

 In the event that you’re worried about your ability to install a specific door knob, look at what others will say before you make your buy.

G) Ease of Use

Generally, door knobs don’t present many convenience issues, however, there are a couple of concerns worth as a main priority. Individuals with joint pain will probably struggle with turning a knob, so going with handles rather will make life simpler.

For entry doors, certain individuals will make some more simple memories recalling a code than carrying a key with them, while others will favor the key over remembering something.

H) Cost

Assuming you’re hoping to find a doorknob that will work for your requirements without burning through a lot of cash, you shouldn’t have much of an issue. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need something known to be high quality or a door knob in the perfect style, you ought to be ready to pay more.

Advantages of Door Knobs

  • Door knobs are being utilized in various houses for a long time. In today’s time, every house or office has door knobs installed to their doors.
  • The principal reason why individuals prefer doorknobs for internal use is that these locks give good security and they additionally look pretty.
  • Some will prefer door knobs since they can take out the possibility of tearing your clothes.
  • In other locks like the lever handle locks, the dress can be stuck and torn. While, door knobs are of round surface and never grab the dress.
  • Assuming you want door knobs for your restaurant or lodgings. It is understood that you will search for locks that are protected, eye-catching, and furthermore look beautiful.
  • Door knobs are the most ideal choice for this sort of luxury area. Since they come in various varieties which rent the audience.
  • Individuals who have clever pets at home who have the ability to open the door ought to use doorknobs in the rooms like bedrooms and lounges.
  • Since turning the door with paws is beyond imagination, the pets won’t enter the bedroom and you can enjoy the bed.
  • In the event that you don’t want small kids or babies to enter a few explicit rooms. You can utilize a door knob.

Drawbacks of Door Knobs

  • Door knobs are not applicable in regions where you believe the handicaps should get to the rooms. Like assuming that it is an institution for disabled individuals.
  • The building structure must not have door knobs. Since it is hard for a handicapped to turn the knob to open the door.
  • The person in question might confront a difficult situation by opening the doors. Lever handle locks are the most ideal choice in such institutes.
  • As we discussed that a knob is round and it requires more force to turn and open the door which a genuinely impaired or aged individual can not have any significant bearing to it.
  • The makers of knobs have likewise fixed this issue. They have made oval-shaped knobs that are not difficult to turn.
  • Door knobs are not recommended for external use since there are numerous locks that can provide more security than knob locks.
  • Door knobs have a locking cylinder inside the knob rather than the door. Subsequently, it can easily be broken utilizing a hammer.
  • Yet, in the event that the knob is utilized with some other lock as an optional lock on the external doors. Then it can become helpful outside doors as well.

Is the Door knob Intended for Added Security?

Door knobs are essential to a door having the choice to latch when it’s closed and unlatch to be opened, yet if you are looking for a door knob for an exterior door, a washroom door, or even an office in the house, it’s a truly savvy thought to contemplate placing resources into an item with a lock. You can pick a simple privacy lockset that can be locked from one side of the door, like the door knobs that are generally seen on bathroom doors. For additional security, you can upgrade to a door knob with a keyed entry lockset, so a key is required to operate the lock.

Will the Door knob be Installed Inside or Outside?

Interior door knobs are commonly made with dummy, passage, or protection locksets, contingent upon whether the doorknob is installed in a restroom door, room door, or an essential sliding wardrobe door. These products are intended more for functionality and style than for security, but if you are looking for a doorknob for an exterior front, side, or back door, then it’s smarter to invest in a doorknob with a keyed entry lockset. These products are designed to be thick, durable, and weather-resistant to furnish the home with suitable exterior security. Furthermore, door knobs with keyed entry locksets should be operated with a key, so it’s more challenging for criminals to attempt to break in.


One of the highlights of a house is the ability to secure it against individuals, creatures, and the elements. Doors permit you to access the home and close the door behind you to assist with ensuring you are safe from any kind of harm, yet they are not as compelling without a practical door handle. Whether you are utilizing a bedroom door, restroom door, or exterior door, most doors have doorknobs, door levers, or door handles to operate an internal latch and pull open the door.

You can find various door knobs ranging in material, style, finish, size, and, surprisingly, the lock set, so it’s a smart idea to learn more about  door knobs to come to an informed decision about a new door knob for your home.

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