Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up (Explained 9 Reasons)

Car wont Accelerate but RPMs go up (Explained 9 Reasons)
Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up


Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up (Explained 9 Reasons) – At the point when you step on the pedal of your vehicle, you anticipate that the car should go. One of the most widely recognized vehicle issues is the point at which a car will not speed up yet the RPMs go up. This can be an extremely baffling issue to have, as you might feel like you’re in a car that is trapped in a rut, unfit to find a workable pace. This is a typical issue that numerous car owners experience, and it very well may be an indication of an either transmission-related issue.

Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up

The most widely recognized reason for a car not accelerating yet the RPMs going up is a transmission issue. This can be because of slipping clutch bands, which can cause the car to struggle to change gears and consequently not accelerate as it ought to. At the point when a gas pedal is pushed down, the car is intended to speed up.

1. Slipping Transmission: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

At the point when a transmission slips, it implies that it can’t shift or engage gears in the manner in which it regularly would. The slipping transmission is a wide term normally demonstrating that there’s something deeper happening within. The cause for a slipping transmission can fluctuate, with issues as simple as not having sufficient transmission fluid. Indeed, even burnt transmission fluid can be at fault, which is regularly caused by overheating. Besides these issues, the clutches in the transmission may be worn.

2. Bad Shift Solenoids: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

The shift solenoid controls the progression of fluid in the transmission. The transmission control module sends out an electrical signal that lets the solenoids know when to transfer fluid. In the event that there’s an issue with the solenoid or a circuit, the Check Engine Light ought to come on. You’ll likewise see erratic shifting, slipping, or the inability to gain RPMs. Moreover, the car could go into a Limp Mode to prevent further damage from happening.

3. Worn Clutch: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

Do you drive a car with a manual transmission? Assuming this is the case, the issue could be related to the clutch. In the wake of traveling numerous miles, the clutch is in the long run going to give out. The transmission begins to slip when the clutch disc wears. It can likewise feel lethargic when you step on the gas pedal.

4. Bad Torque Converter: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

The torque converter is expected to transform the mechanical power coming from the engine into hydraulic power required for the drivetrain. At the point when it starts to fail, you can feel a shuddering sensation from the transmission. It additionally causes the RPMs to rise with no increase in speed. With a failing torque converter, the perfect proportion of power will not get to the transmission. Therefore, despite the fact that the RPMs keep on rising, you’ll experience difficulty getting the speed you ought to.

5. Drivetrain Problems: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

On the off chance that the issue isn’t with the transmission or related parts, the drivetrain could be at fault. Drivetrain issues typically present with some form of vibration or shaking prior to leading to trouble moving the vehicle by any means. You may likewise hear some clunking or grinding, making it hard to differentiate the issues from the transmission.

6. Damaged Gearbox: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

As the manual gearbox falls flat, you will see a considerable lot of similar issues as found with an automatic transmission. There could be odd commotions or an alarming grinding sound. It’s likewise possible that the transmission could become stuck in one gear. Moreover, in the event that you can’t get the car into gear or you notice a lot of fluid spillages, something isn’t quite right about the gearbox.

7. Engine Overheating: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

Check your car’s temperature gauge. In the event that it indicates overheating, take your car from any road and find a place where you can park safely, then, at that point, turn off the engine and wait for it to cool down. When that occurs, make sure that you have no visible leaks in hoses or radiators. On the off chance that there are no leaks and your engine is as yet hot, you can call a tow truck on the off chance that you really want one, make sure that none of your hoses have cracks.

8. Dirty Engine Air Filter: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

The point when the engine filter is dirty, it limits how much air flows into the engine. This can make the car not accelerate yet the RPMs go up. The justification for this is that the air filter is unable to filter through all the dirt and debris in the air, which is required for the car to effectively burn fuel. The lack of airflow to the engine results in the car not having the option to reach its optimum performance levels. The RPMs go up as the engine is trying to compensate for the lack of airflow and is striving to attempt to get the car to accelerate.

9. Stuck in Reverse: ( Car won’t Accelerate but RPMs go up )

There are a couple of justifications for why your car might be stuck in reverse. On the off chance that you hear your engine firing up, almost certainly, you haven’t shifted into neutral appropriately. That’s what to fix, shift into neutral and attempt once more. You may need to push down on your gas pedal slightly with somewhat more power while shifting from the park into the converse.


At the point when a car’s RPMs go higher, yet the car doesn’t move or accelerate, there is an issue with getting the engine power to the tires. Engine power is moved to the tires through the transmission and axles. An automatic transmission will frequently have an issue in the event that it is too low on ATF liquid. Check the ATF fluid level and be certain it is right. It can likewise have issues if the fluid is extremely filthy and conceivably clogs up the filter.

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