9 Types of Car Body with Pictures & Design [Explained with Details]

Types of Car Body
Types of Car Body


Types of Car Body with Pictures & Design [Explained with Details] :- Car body bodies are found being categorized into various types depending upon various factors which are considered. Some of the factors can be its nature, behavior, load capacity, design, and various more. So, reading this handy guide will help you in learning a lot about the types of car bodies along with the most important categories of the car body. ( Types of Cars )

Types of Car Body

Types of car bodies are categorised on the below mentioned basis:

  1. Classified as the purpose of the vehicle
  2. Classified as the load capacity of the vehicle
  3. Classified as the fuel type used
  4. Classified as the number of wheels the vehicle has
  5. Classified as the suspension system of the vehicle
  6. Classified as the driving end of the vehicle
  7. Classified as the engine location
  8. Classified as the transmission system of the vehicle
  9. Classified as the body system of the vehicle

1. Classified As The Purpose of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Car bodies are found being categorized based on the purpose of the vehicle. This is one of the most important factor which needs to be considered in order to fulfil all your requirements. The purpose of the vehicle should be well known so that to select the automobile depending upon its application. For example if a goods carrier or a passenger car carrier is the purpose, then a luggage carrying vehicle would be of no use. These are the vehicles which can fall under the category of passenger carrying vehicles.

2. Classified As The Load Capacity of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Based on the loading capacity of the vehicle these are categorised as Light-duty vehicles, medium-duty vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicle.

You can have a look at the examples of light-duty vehicles. These can be the private car bodies like Tata Nano, Maruti Suzuki Alto etc. The example for commercial vehicle can be the pick-up van, taxi, etc. The medium-duty vehicles can be the SUV vehicles like Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Qualis, Tata Sumo. And the examples of heavy-duty vehicles can be Volvo Bus, Truck, Tractor, school bus etc. ( Types of Car Doors )

3. Classified As The Fuel Used by the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Car bodies are found being categorized on the basis of fuel consumption, like the usage of Petrol, Diesel, Electricity, CNG, Solar, by the vehicles.

The usage of petrol and diesel is generally found in the private vehicle like cars, trucks, buses, JCB, etc. Other than this these days CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is also found being used as fuel in the vehicles. Nowadays other than CNG there are electric car bodies which are found being running at the roads which are found to gain power by the help of battery.  There are also solar vehicles which are found being a kind of electric vehicle that are found being charged from the solar photovoltaic cells which converted the effect of direct sunlight into the electricity and thus the vehicle gets the power to run. It is important to note that these types of vehicles are found not being used for the commercial usage as of now. There are possibilities to design such vehicles in the near future.

For the hybrid vehicles, there are found to be two or more power sources which are usually used in order to drive the vehicles. For instance, diesel-electric vehicles, turbo-electric vehicles, etc. There are further researches going to improve this sector with more efficiency in order to increase the workability.

4. Classified As The Number of Wheels the Vehicle Has: ( Types of Car Body )

The car bodies are found being classified on the basis of number of wheels which a vehicle is found having.

  1. Four Wheel vehicles. For example car, tractor.
  2. Six Wheel vehicle. For example bus, trucks.
  3. Eight Wheel vehicle. For example bus, trucks,
  4. More than Eight Wheel vehicles. For example trucks, trailer.

5. Classified As The Suspension System of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

The types of bodies are found being classified on the type of suspension system automobile which are as follows:

  1. Independent Suspension System.
  2. Non-Independent Suspension System.
  3. Air Suspension System.
  4. Hydro-Electric Suspension System.

a) Independent Suspension System

Independent suspension system is referred to as those systems which are found being used in the front axle of any type of vehicle. In this type of suspension system there is only one wheel seems to be adjusted along with its position which depends on the actual condition of the road as well. There can be an effect of the zero effect on the wheel which is observed to be at the opposite direction like the Mac Pherson Strut or the Wishbone, Swing axle, Sliding pillar. etc. suspension system. These are well known independent suspension systems.

b) Non-Independent or Rigid Suspension System

Non- independent suspension system is also referred to as the rigid suspension system wherein both the wheels are found being attached to the same side of the axle which means whenever only one wheel is found being in contact with any bump or with the uneven road, the other one also seems to have changed its position or can be tilted or move in the upward or downward direction. This type of suspension system is found being used in the heavy-duty vehicles like the trucks, buses, tractors etc. Some examples of a non-independent or rigid suspension system is solid axle leaf spring, solid-axle coil spring etc.

c) Air Suspension System

Air suspension system is referred to as that suspension system in which the air is found being used. The air is responsible for being feed into the airbag mechanically by taking the help of an air compressor under the pressure varying from 5.6 to 7 kgs per square meter which is found being used as a suspension system. These types of suspension systems are found being used in premium cars like Rolls-Royce, Lexus, Audi etc.

d) Hydro- pneumatic suspension system

Hydro- pneumatic suspension system is referred to as that system which are used widely as there are several more types of suspension systems. These are the suspension systems which are found using the torque multiplication without the need of mechanical gears. These are the suspension systems which are commonly used in the modern tanks and military vehicles.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension system is responsible for improving the comfort as well as the productivity of the vehicles. It is a well-known fact that these are the type of suspension systems which are currently found being utilized for a very small number of vehicles which is mainly found due to the higher development of the efforts along with the additional costs of the suspension components.

6. Classified As The Driving End of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Car bodies are found being classifies on the basis of driving end then these are classified into two types which are mentioned below:

For the driving ends at the (i.) right side and the (ii.) Left Side Drive.

7. Classified As The Engine Location: ( Types of Car Body )

If the types of car bodies are based on the type and location of engine then car bodies can be categorized as:

  1. Front Engine Front Wheel
  2. Front Engine Rear Wheel
  3. Rear Engine Front Wheel
  4. Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive
  5. Front Engine All Wheel Drive
  6. Rear Engine All Wheel Drive

8. Classified As The Transmission System of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Discussion on the type of car body on the basis of its transmission system in a car seems to be quite important. Based on the transmission system of the vehicle the classification is as follows:

  1. Manual Transmission System
  2. Automatic Transmission System
  3. Semi-automatic and dual-clutch Transmissions System
  4. Continuously Variable Transmission System

Depending upon these transmission system the type of body of the car can be designed.

a) Manual Transmission System

A manual transmission system is referred to as a conventional transmission system where the usage of friction clutch is done in order to attached the driving shaft whenever the driver has a need to change the gear. The process is as simple as pressing the clutch by the foot and shift the gear manually according to the speed of the vehicle.

b) Automatic Transmission System

This is one of the most common type of transmission system which is found being quite popular these days. In such type of transmission system there is found a torque converter which is responsible for transmitting the rotational energy along with the gear changes which seem to be controlled by the computer system which uses the planetary gears, clutches, and brakes.

Depending upon the type of transmission the type of car body is selected so as to know whether the light body would be suitable or heavy body would be needed.

9. Classified As The Body System of the Vehicle: ( Types of Car Body )

Based on the design of the car, the bodies are also found being changed.

  1. Two-door sedan with two doors
  2. Hardtop with rigid rooftop.
  3. Four-door sedan with four doors
  4. Station wagon
  5. Convertible with or without a roof
  6. Van used for common transportation

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