3 Door Car: Types of 3 Car Door and Their Advantages & Disadvantages [with Pictures & Names]

3 Door Car: Types of 3 Car Door and Their Advantages & Disadvantages [with Pictures & Names]
3 Door Car

3 Door Car Introduction:

3 Door Car: Types of 3 Car Door and Their Advantages & Disadvantages [with Pictures & Names]: – At the point when you think of a car, the image that pops into your mind is perhaps few of us consider the two-door car or pickup truck, However, beyond that answers most likely don’t wander excessively. However, have you at any point seen, or even pondered, a three-door car? Three-door cars are unique style vehicles made by certain brands and can in any case be seen on the streets today, yet they’re turning out to be increasingly uncommon.

Another thing to consider while considering your choices is the way that 3-door cars will generally have even more sleek designs. This is particularly observable on smaller cars, where the additional doors can look rather crammed into the frame, just having the front doors permits the designers more opportunity to make the car look sportier with a more angular rear window or a more inclining roofline.

What is a 3 Door Car?

Consistent with its name, a three-door car is a car that features just three doors. Hence, there will be one door on the driver’s side, and two on the passenger or traveler’s side of the car. Other than having one less door, most three-door cars are exactly the same as their four-door counterparts.

Three-door cars are right around a deception when you see them on the streets. On one side, they seem to be sporty, two-door roadsters, from the opposite side, they give off an impression of being standard four-door hatchbacks.

While three-door cars can be without a doubt lighter than four-door cars, the difference isn’t excessively notable. Other than that, three-door vehicles give no additional advantages over different styles of cars. As a matter of fact, the three-door vehicle should be visible as impractical for individuals who frequently have travelers in their vehicle because of the badly designed admittance.

Types of 3 Door Cars

As the name proposes, three-door cars don’t have however as many doors available to them as five-door models. Not the least bit like something, for instance, have a family hatchback, which has separate set of doors for the front and back rows of seats, has a three-door car quite recently had one door on each side for the driver and travelers to use. Because of the door layout, three-door cars aren’t generally as viable as their five-door counterparts. For example, while you can simply open the rear doors while installing a child seat toward the end of a conventional family hatchback, you’ll have to slide and recline one of the front seats forward and climb in to do this with a three-door car.

1. MINI Cooper S

Mini’s 3-door Cooper S is one of the well-known models of a 3-door cars. They are accessible at an incredible 34.65 lakhs (INR) in both petroleum and diesel variations, and only in the 3-door version, the S variation is without a doubt the most recognized version of the Cooper model. The sporty, feisty vehicle has a smooth kick-in and gives a quick reminder of BMW innovation at work.

The head-up display, parking assist, and the appropriately positioned rear mirrors that come to the driver’s quick aid are other imperative features. While the legroom in the back is sufficient, getting there isn’t quite easy as the front seats slide just a little. With everything taken into account, the car looks astounding and cool from the outside and premium and plush inside.

2. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta three-door is an extraordinary all-around supermini that has gone down a treat with car buyers and sold in enormous numbers throughout the long term. Subsequently, despite the fact that it was less popular with buyers than the five-door version, the three-door version is still strongly addressed in the used car marketplace.

Befitting the three-door model’s marginally sportier looks, the Ford Fiesta is a good one to drive, particularly so on the off chance that your budget can stretch to the Fiesta ST hot hatch model. On the off chance that that model’s not exactly for you, the three-door Ford Fiesta was accessible with a selection of petroleum and diesel engines in different states of tune and offered across various trim levels, from the most basic Trend spec, to the mid-range Zetec and more upmarket Titanium grades and right up to the luxurious models.

3. Fiat 500

Various small cars have been ditching or dumping their three-door subsidiaries all through the long haul, but an exemption for that standard has been the Fiat 500. Since the 500 was revived as a retro, it’s just at any point been accessible as a three-door car and in light of the fact that it’s been a strong seller for over the years, there’s are loads of choices on the used market.

Being a small car with light controls and great visibility, the Fiat 500 is ideal for driving through the town. Because of its compact dimensions, the Fiat 500 isn’t the roomiest car in the world, however, the back seat passenger room and luggage are respectable given its size. There is presently an electric version of the Fiat 500, as well, however almost new models right now command a strong premium over the regular models.

4. Skoda Citigo

Would it be a good idea for you to be on the lookout for a used three-door car that is entirely reasonable to purchase and run, then the Skoda Citigo ought to be on your radar. It’s likewise extremely economical and sits in low insurance groups, and that implies the Skoda is cheap to run and a good pick for a more youthful driver as their first memorable car. Assuming there’s a fly in the ointment of the three-door Skoda Citigo, it’s finding is a used model in your preferred spec might be a bit precarious, as the five-door models were considerably more popular when the Skoda was originally on sale.

5. Land Rover Defender

The most recent version of the Land rover defender is far different from the previous one in a huge number of regions. It’s undeniably more comfortable and relaxing to drive, has stronger execution and fuel efficiency, and accompanies the kind of technology and features that the rugged old model could merely fantasize about having. However, a few odd traits of the ongoing land rover defender was dropped on its replacement: as well as being a fabulous rough terrain, it’s likewise accessible with a three-door body style.

Because the three-door Defender 90 is a little bit shorter, the boot is a bit smaller and it doesn’t have as smooth a ride. Those deficiencies to the side, the defender 90 is an extravagant and charming large SUV to drive, and the strong diesel models are ideal for drivers with large trailers or caravans in tow.

6. Jeep Wrangler

When you notice of 3-door vehicles comes, who can fail to remember the Jeep Wrangler in its unique 3-door avatar? The Fiat-owned automaker Jeep is bringing the Jeep Wrangler Limitless which is built on an extended platform of the 3-door variation and is a wonderful and cool drive with a strong 3.6-liter petroleum unit. It is one of the classic Wrangler due to its extended wheelbase that supports third-row seating.

The 3-door car may not be too much in the limelight however they truly do give an ‘alternate’ look and experience that most car buffs love.

7. Volkswagen Polo

The GTI is the first 3-door variation of Volkswagen Polo on Indian roads. The cool, sporty and energetic 3-door Polo is easy to ride and has comfortable back seating alongside. It offers a superb mileage of 16kmpl. The hassled urban commuters, who find inconvenience to move their bigger cars in rush hour gridlock-loaded roads and lanes, you can find relief with this smaller car that sits low and hunkered down on the ground. The genuine winning feature, be that as it may, is the powerful engine and the solid performance it delivers.

8. Suzuki Jimny

It might appear as though one of the many compact off-road terrain styles over significance crossovers you’ll see roaming the roads these days, however, don’t confuse the Suzuki Jimny for being one of them. While the car’s dinky dimensions and raised ride height to assist with making it easier to drive through the town, the Jimny is obviously better fit to live away from cleared streets; it’s a truly skilled off-roader.

Subsequently, on the off chance that you’re after a user-friendly small SUV, you’ll presumably be extremely disappointed with the Jimny’s feeble performance, bouncy ride, and tiny boot. Be that as it may, there’s no direct competition for the Jimny as a small and reasonable 4×4, and it has an exceptionally energetic and devoted fan base. Thus, in the event that you need a small three-door car for adventures, this little Suzuki could be ideally suited for you.

9. Suzuki Swift

Swift is undoubtedly the best and generally sold product of the organization in India. A smooth, 3-door version ought to be the next, clear advancement of the established hatchback original. The front and rear have both undergone transformation with new bumpers and restyled lights, alongside additional innovative features.

10. Hyundai i20 Elite

The First class i20 with fewer doors certainly looks more pleasant. Hyundai launched (in select business sectors) this variation with a 1-liter, turbocharged petroleum engine that can go up to a cool 0-100kmph in barely 10.2 seconds. The petroleum version of Elite i20 starts at 5.29 lakh INR, diesel at 6.71 lakhs INR, and the models are accessible in many varieties both in single and two tones.

Advantages of 3 Door Car

  • In general, a three-door car will be a couple hundred pounds cheaper than its five-door equivalent.
  • For those who are on a tight financial plan it very well may be a decisive factor.
  • Generally they likewise look significantly sportier and sleeker, with more space for the designers to work with while fitting in the back windows.
  • This permits room to add some additional trim and create a vehicle that will appeal to a large number of drivers.

Disadvantages of 3 Door Car

  • The primary disadvantage of a three-door car is the increased difficulty accessing the back seats.
  • This has a thump on influence, be that as it may, as the side doors are as often as possible more extensive and heavier than the five-door cars to allow access.
  • Parking is another drawback. Parking in tight situations is more troublesome in this way, and keeping in mind that children may enjoy this challenge, it’s not ideal for the elderly or other adult travelers.
  • The sportier style likewise prompts angular rear windows and additional pillars which make checking blind spots and rear visibility a bit harder as well.


Notwithstanding, on the off chance that it’s generally expected only you in the car and you can put up somewhat less practically in return for saving some money and having a sportier-looking car than a 3-door for you. In the event that you will quite often carry more than one person consistently or you need to consistently get to the back seats for any other reason then the door car option will not be suitable for you. Be that as it may, in the event that it’s simply you and perhaps another individual in the car, and you’re certain you can put up with a bit less practical, choosing a three-door car could save you a bit of money and give you a superior looking vehicle subsequently.

The 3-door cars may not be too much of an attraction nowadays yet they truly do give a ‘different look and experience that most car buffs love. While roadsters or three-door cars are wonderful to check out and to drive, they may not be essentially as practical as you’d like, so in the event that you are hunting for another car, simply keep up in mind for 3-door car.

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