What Reason of AC is Not Turn On? [Complete Guide]

What Reason of AC is Not Turn On? [Complete Guide]
AC is Not Turn On


What Reason of AC is Not Turn On? [Complete Guide] – You anticipate that your air conditioner should work fine every time you turn it on; all things considered, it is your comfort companion in each season.

Be that as it may, your HAVC unit can leave your side and decline to turn on. On the off chance that you’re confronting what is going on, don’t worry! It very well may be something that can be effectively fixed as a Do-It-Yourself solution or, at times, with a call to an expert.

12 Reasons of AC is Not Turn On

Below are some important points to note why your AC is not turning on:-

1. Thermostat Malfunctioning: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Thermostat Malfunctioning

Your air conditioner has stopped working out of nowhere. You panic all of a sudden and begin calling different air conditioning specialists. Thermostat malfunctioning can affect your air conditioner’s performance.

To start with, check assuming the display of your thermostat is lit. Assuming it’s off, it can’t signal the air conditioner to turn on. Second, really take a look at the batteries of your thermostat in the event that you have a battery-operated thermostat.

In the event that the batteries are fine, actually, look at the working of your thermostat. Set it to a cool setting, keeping it 5-6 degrees lower than the indoor temperature. After two or three minutes, place your hands near the AC vane to feel the cold air. On the off chance that it has turned on, you have solved the issue!

In any case, if your AC has not turned on, switch off your thermostat and remove the cover to check its parts. Search for debris or corrosion build. Likewise, you can search for blown wires.  You can clear out the debris yourself with a soft brush, yet you would need to contact an expert for corrosion issues.

2. Clogged Air Filters: ( AC is Not Turn On )

AC Clogged Air Filters
AC Clogged Air Filters

The job of the filters is to ensure legitimate air flow. In the event that they are filled with debris, airflow is obstructed. For this situation, your system needs to work harder to cool your home, and throughout some stretch of time, it can stop working.

Dirty air filters can likewise freeze your outdoor AC unit, which impedes your system’s working and, at times, is the reason behind why your AC isn’t turning on.

The indoor unit of your AC has the evaporator coil, and the open-air unit contains the compressor. The refrigerant line is between these two parts. At the point when the airflow is restricted, warm air from your home doesn’t reach the refrigerant. The refrigerant then, at that point, turns out to be cold to such an extent that any moisture on the loops freeze. You can call an expert to deal with what is going on, or you can clean the filters yourself.

3. Low on Refrigerant: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Low on Refrigerant
Low on Refrigerant

One reason your AC isn’t turning on could be because of a refrigerant shortage. It is mostly liable for providing the much-desired cool air from your AC or hot air in the event of a heat pump.

The refrigerant shortage isn’t due because of your air conditioner using up the fluid. Leakage is one of the concerns in this present circumstance. The cracks may build up overtime in the air conditioner coil prompting leakage. Further, not getting some margin for customary maintenance can prompt corrosion over the long haul.

You can’t do a lot on your own in this present circumstance as it isn’t just about filling the refrigerant; the levels should match precisely with the levels specified by your AC’s manufacturer. You would need to contact an expert to look at the refrigerant levels and figure out the justification behind spillage.

4. Your AC’s Capacitor Has Died: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Your AC’s Capacitor Has Died
AC’s Capacitor

Assuming your HAVC unit experiences difficulty getting going assuming that it is starting and halting unexpectedly, or on the other hand on the off chance that you hear some clicking commotions from the outside AC unit, odds are your AC’s capacitor has died down.

The capacitor is a vital part of your HAVC system. It is connected to the motor’s circuit and gives the motor an underlying push to start running. The capacitor disconnects from the circuit once the motor reaches a particular speed.

5. Dormancy Issue: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Dormancy Issue
Dormancy Issue

In the event that you can’t sort out why your AC isn’t working, really take a look at the fan. On the off chance that the AC fan isn’t turning on, it very well may be a torpidity issue. Or on the other hand, assuming your cooling system was lying dormant in winter and you have switched it on after some time, then, at that point, fans might find it hard to begin pivoting again in light of the dirt buildup. You can call an HVAC expert; they will know how to start the fans manually.

6. Uncleaned Condenser: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Uncleaned Condenser

The outside unit of your AC is known as a condenser. Its role is to deliver the heat collected by the inside unit to the external climate. Without regular maintenance, the condenser can get really filthy after some time. It should work harder to disperse the heat as dirt act as an insulator. The condenser will start drawing a lot of current, stumbling the circuit breaker and your AC won’t turn on. When it is non-functional because of dirt, it could be the ideal opportunity for an expert clean-up.

7. Tripped Circuit Breaker: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Tripped Circuit Breaker
Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a security tool that switches the power off in the event of heavy voltage. It could be because of utilizing high-voltage appliances or power surges in the electricity grid. Simply what you’ve to do is to find the air conditioner circuit breaker and turn it off completely. Then sit tight for a couple of moments prior to turning it on.

8. Clogged Drain Pan: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Clogged Drain Pan
Clogged Drain Pan

Without regular cleaning, particularly in areas with high humidity, the drain pan can become clogged. The drain pan has an optional drain to keep the pan from clogging. Yet, if the two of them are full, this triggers the float switch, which turns the air conditioner off.

A safety mechanism forestalls excessive leakage in your home and forestalls damage to the unit. Yet, at the end of the day, the water leak from the clogged pan can damage your walls, roofs, and furnishings. You can utilize a wet/dry vacuum to suction the blockage out, however, it will be really chaotic so to see all that gunk, you better call an air conditioning professional.

9. Damaged Motor: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Damaged Motor
Damaged Motor

Motors are sealed to forestall any contact with the outside air, water, or debris. After some time, because of old age or the absence of support and maintenance, the seal can come off, and the oil which was sealed inside the motor required for lubrication leaks out. Without oil, the motor can break down and can stop working totally after some time. The external unit can’t disseminate heat assuming that the motor is faulty.

10. Faulty Power Cord or Outlet: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Faulty Power Cord or Outlet
Faulty Power Cord or Outlet

The power cord can become frayed and wear out in the event that your unit was stored for a season. Power outages can likewise damage the cord. Unplug the cord for appropriate examination. On the off chance that it gives indications of any kind of damage, you would have to replace it. Or on the other hand, perhaps it isn’t the cord, yet the power source (outlet) was plugged in. You can check if the outlet is working fine by plugging in different appliances.

11. Your AC Is Not the Right Size: ( AC is Not Turn On )

The air conditioner that isn’t the right size should work harder and, at a certain point, will break down completely.

At the point when your AC is larger than required, it will continue turning on and off rapidly, increasing a lot of wear and tear. Further, it won’t remove the excess humidity as it doesn’t remain on for an adequate time frame.

Then again, a small unit will have to run for a long time, to cool/warm the house, which might cause overheating of the capacitor.

12. Check the Switch: ( AC is Not Turn On )

Very much like some other electric appliances, your AC additionally has an ON/OFF switch. You might not have switched it off, yet somebody in your home might have gotten it done. In this way, at whatever point your system will not turn on, do check the switch before you do anything more. The solution is simple, turn on the switch, and you would feel the charming breeze of air blowing quickly!


On the off chance that you figured out why your AC was not turning on and figured out how to track down solutions on your own, you have resolved that issue. However, at the end of the day, the best solution is that you can contact an expert for a total review to keep away from comparative issues in the future.

By having a HAVC Expert perform yearly inspections and keeping steady over the support and maintenance schedule, you can stay away from any potential AC outages in the future.

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