4 Types of Turbine – [Explained with Pictures]

Types of Turbine
Types of Turbine

Types of Turbine :- mainly turbines are classified into 4 broad category are described below:

  1. Water turbine
  2. Gas turbine
  3. Wind turbine
  4. Steam turbine

Types of Turbine

1. Water Turbine: ( Types of Turbine )

Water Turbines
Water Turbine

Water turbines that is used to extract energy from water and then converts into electrical energy is called water turbine or hydraulic turbine.

2. Gas Turbine: ( Types of Turbine )

Gas Turbines
Gas Turbine

A gas turbine is an engine that is used for conversion of mechanical energy from the natural gas or other fuels. Thus energy uses drive as mediator ( medium) for generation of electric power through the drive. In facts turbines are found quite effective in power generation, transportation as well as many other application.

Gas turbine based on the path of working substance:

  • Closed cycle gas turbine :- which involves the air continuous gas circulates in the turbine.
  • Open cycle gas turbine :- air is not circulates in the turbine section. The air after flew over the blades of turbine & finally exhausted to the atmosphere.

3. Wind Turbine: ( Types of Turbine )

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

A turbines that extract energy from the moving wind & convert it into electrical energy is called the wind turbines.

  • Types of wind turbines (a)  HORIZONTAL AXIS wind turbine (b) VERTICAL AXIS wind turbine.
  • Horizontal axis wind turbine : wind turbine in which shaft of the turbine is horizontally to the ground is called Horizontal axis wind turbine.
  • Vertical axis wind turbine : wind turbine in which shaft of the turbine is vertical to the ground is called vertical axis wind turbine.

4. Steam Turbine: ( Types of Turbine )

Turbines that extract energy from the moving  steam& convert it into electrical energy is called the steam turbines.

Steam Turbine - Types of Turbine

Based on the mode of action of steam

  • Impulse turbine : turbine that possesses the steam inlet having only kinetic energy.
  • Reaction turbine :  if the steam available at the inlet having pressure energy as well as kinetic energy then this turbine is called reaction turbine.

According to flow of steam direction

  • Axial flow turbine: if the steam flow through the runner in the parallel direction of the axis of the runner is called the axial flow turbine.
  • Radial flow turbine : the steam flow through the runner in the radial direction of the off the runner.

Components of Turbines:

There are some common parts which mainly found in gas turbines.

  • Combustor: combustor is the place where fuel is mixed with air & burned. For power turbine and produce thrust when passed via a nozzle high temperature exhaust nature types gas to be used.
  • Air compressor: air filter is connected on to the inlet of the air compressor, air filter used to remove dust particles from inlet air. Rotating blades of shaft blocks the air which increase the pressure of available air and exit through the compressor outlet where high pressure air is available. Drive is used for operation of air compressor is through the belt drive system via the pump around their. This is cheaper option available for all compressor types.
  • Any turbine system mainly consist of following section are described below:
  • Air inlet section
  • Compressor section
  • Combustion section
  • Turbine section
  • Exhaust section
  • Accessories section

Working of Turbine:

A moving fluid which is coming at inlet comes in contact with blades of turbine section. As the moving fluid strike with the runner of turbine thus energy of this incoming fluid is converted into rotational energy. Generator is equipped with shaft of the turbine section. Shaft of turbine also rotates with the respective generator shaft. This generator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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