10 Types of Hot Air Balloon – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]

10 Types of Hot Air Balloon - Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]
Hot Air Balloon


Types of Hot Air Balloon – Explained with Complete Details [with Pictures & Names]: – The hot-air balloon is an aerostat wherein the lift is assured by using the warmed air contained in the envelope. The difference of density with the colder, surrounding air, creates a push assuring the elevate (driven by means of Archimède). The maintenance of the air temperature of the envelope requires the import of fuel and a burner.

The hot air balloon turned into one of the first varieties of flight that mankind efficiently attempted in their early experimentation to get off the ground. This flight innovation become the first of its kind and spearheaded the force for people to obtain flight. The early model of warm air balloons we unwieldy, but they have come a long way seeing that those early days. A hot air balloon is defined as a balloon that gets elevated from hot air captured with the aid of the material of the balloon. The lift provided by using the hot air increases the balloon into the air. Hot air balloons can be manned or unmanned, used for recreation, science, tourism, and marketing, among different uses.

How do Hot Air Balloons Work?

Hot-air balloons work on the grounds that hot air rises. By heating the air inside the balloon with the burner, it becomes lighter than the cooler air outwardly. This makes the inflatable or balloon float upwards, like it were in the water. Clearly, assuming the air is allowed to cool, the balloon starts to gradually descend. Pilots have a lot of command over the altitude of the balloon which they monitor with different instruments. They develop mind boggling skills over the long haul and can frequently control a balloon’s descent within centimeters.

Types of Hot Air Balloons

1. Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon

Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon
Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon

The Montgolfier Hot Air balloon was built of hessian, or burlap that was made hermetically sealed with three layers of thin paper within the balloon. It was constructed in four separate segments that were then combined with buttons. A netting made of the cord was set around the entire outside of the balloon for primary integrity.

The balloon landed safely and securely on the outskirts of the city after the flight with sufficient fuel still onboard the balloon to have traveled up to multiple times further. The flight was stopped on the grounds because ashes from the fire had started to scorch the fabric of the balloon.

The outcome of the brother’s balloon got such open recognition that it ignited other bold explorers of the era to assemble and enhance the original design to accomplish more controlled and delayed flights.

2. Long Distance & Roziere Hot Air Balloons

Roziere Hot Air Balloons
Roziere Hot Air Balloons

Starting from the inception of the hot-air balloon, Mankind has forever been driven to fly these airplanes endlessly further to test the limits of both the flying machines and the ones who pilot them. This journey for experience has prompted designing balloons that are intended for extended flight and to stay at sufficiently high elevations to have the option to utilize the fast Jet stream air currents.

These Jet stream air currents are fast streaming layers of air high in the earth’s climate and can carry a hot-air balloon quite far in a relatively small time frame.

The challenge was to develop a hot-air balloon that could endure the afflictions of the elements at these altitudes and furthermore be sufficiently rough to deal with areas of strength for the strong wind and sustained flight. The fundamental change in these balloons was to make them a hybrid balloons, incorporating lighter-than-air gas as well as hot air to accomplish the heights important to reach the jet stream.

3. Tourism Hot Air Balloons

Tourism Hot Air Balloons
Tourism Hot Air Balloons

Conventional style hot-air balloons are utilized widely in the tourism industry. The balloons utilized in this application are customary style, propane burner-fueled balloons with wicker gondola baskets.

Tethered or Fastened flights are likewise used to give travelers a stupendous perspective on coastlines, mountains, and city-scapes. Hot-air balloon rides have become popular among tourists for special occasions like anniversary festivities, birthday festivities, and in any event, wedding proposals.

Some enterprising travel and tourism industry administrators have even created hot-air balloon restaurants where you can enjoy an intimate feast for two above the city for those special occasions.

4. Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns
Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns were the forerunners of manned hot air balloons and where the idea of lifting a payload into the air was imagined. A sky lantern is a small variant of a hot-air balloon that was generally made of thin paper around a bamboo frame. The sky lanterns ranged in the size from around 11.8-inches to over 6 feet wide and similarly as tall.

The opening of the balloon or sky lantern was in every case small, from 4-inches to 12-inches wide, regardless of the size of the balloon. The small opening permitted the hot air to be trapped inside the structure as opposed to getting away through a bigger opening at the base.

The opening of the sky lantern was made using a neckline of a stiff material, frequently a thicker piece of bamboo, and a structure or platform was made using bamboo or on the other hand thin or meager wire from the collar to the center point of the opening. It was on this platform that the fire was set to create the intensity to raise the sky lantern.The fire was typically a candle or a small round waxy fuel cell that would burn for a long time. The sky lanterns were traditionally launched as a part of celebrations and in remembrance of religious events.

5. Observation Balloons

Observation Balloons
Observation Balloons

Observation Balloons were Hot-air balloons that were utilized broadly during World War I for surveillance to see what the enemy was doing on the frontline of the battle. In World War I, a significant number of battles were fought in fields where the contradicting armed forces confronted one another and fought to make progress and by charging the enemy entrenchments to overpower them.

The hot-air balloon was utilized to lift observers to a height that they could see what the enemy troop movements were an attempt to expect any flanking moves the enemy might be attempting to get the upper hand.

The balloons were flown to a specific height that gave the observers enough perspective on the field of the fight and was fastened to the ground so they didn’t drift into the range of enemy fire. From this vantage point, significant information could be handed-off to the officials on the ground that were planning and coordinating their troop movements to try to out-move the enemy.

6. Racing Hot Air Balloons

Racing Hot Air Balloons
Racing Hot Air Balloons

Hot air Balloons have become such a well-known open outdoor activity that it was inevitable before individuals transformed this activity into a competition. This is the means by which balloon racing started, and it has developed into a profoundly competitive and well-known activity.

The designs of the balloons for racing were modified to be lighter, more flexible, and more streamlined to further develop the speed they could achieve when driven by the wind.

There are various types of balloon races; somewhere the objective is to reach  a destination before other balloonists and others where it is a test of precision by the balloon pilot.

Most racing balloons are designed to be more smooth than sporting kind hot-air balloons. They are likewise produced using various materials that offer less wind resistance to permit the balloon to move all the more quickly through the air.

7. Novelty Hot Air Balloons

Novelty Hot Air Balloons
Novelty Hot Air Balloons

Modern-hot air balloon construction has progressed to the point that balloons of every kind can be manufactured without compromising the integrity of the fabric.

This has seen the development of novelty hot-air balloons in different shapes and sizes that can be monitored or automated. These balloons are popular at celebrations, dedicatory occasions, and extraordinary events. Certain individuals even prefer to fly these novelty balloons just for fun and for  display at hot-air balloon social occasions.

Novelty Hot-air balloons can be in any shape imaginable, from looking like honey bees to well-known structures like catherdral. Novelty balloons likewise brought forth plenty of themed inflatables, for example, balloons made to look like Darth Vader and Yoda from Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the flunky character from the Despicable Me motion pictures.

Novelty balloons are consist crowd-pleaser and significant attractions for hot air ballooning and celebrations where they have mass launching of many hot-air balloons all at one time.

8. Marketing Hot Air Balloons

Marketing Hot Air Balloons
Marketing Hot Air Balloons

Hot-air balloons have additionally been utilized as marketing and promotion tools by organizations for social events and sporting events. The principal attraction for utilizing a hot-air balloon for showcasing is that they are huge, making them noticeable from a greater distance, and they are an eye-catching sight to be held. The vast majority of people who see a hot-air balloon can’t resist the urge to stop and investigate the exhibition.

This makes for a decent marketing opportunity, and it has been utilized incredible impact as a marketing tool. Once in a while, these hot-air balloons are monitored and some of the time automated, however, they are generally consistently fastened close to the event or an organization that they are marketing.

9. Artillery Balloons

Artillery Balloons
Artillery Balloons

These balloons were by and large flown to a higher altitude than battlefield perception inflatables in light of the fact that they expected to give a lot further field of vision. Like observation balloons, these artillery hot-air balloons were fastened in place to keep them from drifting with the wind over enemy territory and within range of enemy fire.

Men with binoculars and other gear used to check distance and height went up in the basket or gondola of the balloon to observe the viability and exactness of artillery guns.

From their elevated position, the observers could see where the artillery shells were landing and pass on adjustments for the artillery crews to make the shells land on target. These hot-air balloons proved to be an extremely fruitful strategy for working on the precision of the big guns and, in this way, work on their viability.

10. Conservation Hot Air Balloons

Wildlife preservation has additionally, now and again, used hot-air balloons to aid their wildlife conservation endeavors. How air balloons can fly without upsetting the normal way of behaving of the animals allow the researcher to observe animals without their way of behaving being altered or impacted by the presence of the observers. In wildlife regions that are very large, balloons are utilized to perform game counts and furthermore to dart animals for relocation or veterinary treatment.

Numerous conservation areas use balloon safaris as a type of ecotourism which is likewise more harmless to the ecosystem in contrast to driving 4-wheel drive vehicles into sensitive biological systems.

Advantages of Hot Air Balloon

As you will probably be aware, hot-air balloon rides expose you to a more good quality of fresh air than you are probably going to experience on the ground. This has various advantages, including increasing or expanding energy, delivering a more significant level of serotonin – the hormone that advances satisfaction – and fostering a general feeling of prosperity.

Disadvantages of Hot Air Balloon

These crashes can without much of a stretch kill or injure a person. The high-tension transmission lines are generally more dangerous of all-some convey voltage up to 700,000 volts and can go through good insulating materials including baskets, support lines, and inflatable texture envelopes.


Hot-air balloons might have been at the origins of mankind’s exploration into the flight, however, this primitive form of aircraft actually has a persona about it that many individuals see as compelling. The tranquility and quietness of the hot-air balloon once the propane burners are stopped are not normal for some other type of powered flight. The allure that tourist balloons have for the adventurous soul will keep going long into the fate of mankind, regardless of whether more modern types of flight are important for the standard.

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